Getting the adidas UltraBoost 19 Should be Your First Step for Your Next Run

adidas is fully justified in adding the prefix “ultra” before their Boost shoe brand. With UltraBoost 19, adidas has shown just how much can be done to really amp up a shoe. For starters, adidas has added an impressive 20 per cent more Boost foam to the midsole. Even more impressive, all that extra foam has come without adding to the shoe’s weight—an 8.5UK men’s shoe weighs only 310 grams. Primeknit 360 sock makes up the upper. The midfoot now consists of a translucent mesh rather than the plastic on previous models. This new mesh is made of fused yarn, which eliminates the need for layers of adhesion. Finally, the 3D heel frame allows your heel to expand and distributes pressure with each strike.

wearing adidas ultra boost

The “boost” comes from the torsion bar in the midfoot, which is supposed to provide a bounce to every step and adidas describes as “energy returning.”

adidas inside view

When the UltraBoost first came out in 2015, it broke down a lot of the barriers that adidas faced in making it in the US market. Since then, it has risen to prominence, being named one of the top shoes in the last five years. UltraBoost 19—short for 2019—will propel adidas forward again. They’ve listened to complaints and suggestions and put together a shoe that will satisfy critics and please fans.

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front view adidas

adidas ultra boost shoe side view

ultra boost adidas hill