Nike Gears Up for the Weather with a Pair of Gaiters

When it comes time to run in wet and cold weather, the Nike Air VaporMax may not be your go-to shoe. Nike is releasing a new version of the VaporMax that will change your opinion on the matter. The Nike Air VaporMax FlyKnit Gaiter ISPA is the shoe that you can turn to regardless of the weather outside.

Nike Air go-to shoe on wet and cold weather

Essentially, the gaiter is exactly as it sounds—a gaiter-style boot that attaches directly to an Air VaporMax. The actual shoe keeps most of the qualities that you’ll find in the “standard” version, as it is a part of Nike’s technical ISPA classification. The differences that you might pick up on are an elongate swoosh and no pull tabs on the heel. Otherwise, this is exactly the shoe you would get if you were to go out and buy a new pair of VaporMax shoes. The gaiter shell is the differentiating factor here. The gaiter slips on over the shoe and transforms the runner into a tall boot. A zipper closure keeps the boot tight on your feet and extends the shoe’s coverage up and over your ankles. A pixelated swoosh shows the Nike branding, and the shoe is colored in neutral shades with silver accents. The gaiter wraps around the traction and cushioning pods of the sole, and leaves the bubble heel portion exposed. Since the gaiter is removable, you can use this shoe during any season to keep your running going.

Nike Air VaporMax FlyKnit Gaiter Ispa

It’s an interesting concept and even has a stylish look to it. The versatility of the shoe will make it usable all year long, and it won’t be surprising to see people wearing the gaiter just for looks as well. The Nike Air VaporMax FlyKnit Gaiter ISPA shoe is already available and is priced at $299.

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Nike Air shoe

Nike Air sole view

Nike Air shoe attach to vapormax