Oliver Cabell 1 Low is the Smart Casual Shoe You Need

We’ve been more or less in love with footwear brand Oliver Cabell since it launched in 2018. Bridging the gap between two worlds, the label combines old-school techniques with new-school technology to craft some resoundingly awesome silhouettes. And nowhere is that more evident than with its best-selling sneaker, the Low 1. Now, the brand is doubling down on the quality by moving all production to Italy. Or to put it another way: a great thing is now that much greater.

Oliver Cabell Low 1

Construction: Hand stitched and lasted in Marche, Italy
Upper: 3oz full-grain calfskin leather from Marche, Italy
Outsole: Margom Italian outsoles — renowned for their durable, lightweight rubber
Footbed: Italian calf-skin over removable moulded insole
Lining: Italian calfskin leather
Counters: 3oz full-grain calfskin leather from Marche, Italy
Laces: Italian cotton
Price: from AU$243.06

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Oliver cabell low 1 white on table

Image: Oliver Cabell

The Low 1’s are impeccably clean right out of the box, achieving a minimalist perfection before you’ve even tried them on. We’ve slipped our foot into many a pair over the years and there’s nothing like discovering the premium Italian calfskin footbed for the first time.

On the outside, the sneakers are no less extraordinary. Hand-stitched and lasted in Marche, Italy, they feature only the best calfskin leather uppers and cotton laces. And even the outsoles come from Italy by way of Margom, a company known for its lightweight, durable rubber. Add it all up and you’ve got yourself a minimalist masterpiece, ready for rocking under any occasion. From casual outings to special engagements, meet-ups and everything in between. You’ll have peace of mind in style and comfort thanks to the shoes 100% Italian components.

Oliver cabell low 1 white on foot 1

Image: Oliver Cabell

Low in more than just the name, these premium Common Projects alternatives come in at under US$200. Between the handsome aesthetic and on the table construction quality, you’d be hard-pressed to quality like this for the price anywhere else. On the off-chance that you’ve been thinking about snagging a pair of your own, there’s never been a better time. And with over 20 colours to choose from the only thing you have to worry about is breaking necks.

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Oliver cabell low 1 black in wrapping

Image: Oliver Cabell

Oliver cabell low 1 white on chair

Image: Oliver Cabell

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