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Pj tucker finals sneaker rotation

PJ Tucker’s ‘NBA Finals’ Rotation Includes Diamond Encrusted Sneakers

The sneaker world simply can’t get enough of PJ Tucker’s sneaker rotation. So much so, he’s taken the reigns as the NBA’s biggest sneakerhead and stretched his lead so far that there’s no one within a country mile of his rotation. The Milwaukee Buck revealed he has collected nearly 5,000 pairs of sneakers, in a video in partnership with eBay and he’s pulled out one of his rarest pairs for the NBA finals. Grabbing a tunnel picture before game 2 of the NBA Finals rocking a pair of the illustrious, sought after, and super expensive, Nike Air Mag (AU$67,000). But it’s not just his off-court – NBA tunnel selection – that has sneakerheads dying of thirst.

Update 21/07 – The NBA Champion Milwaukee Bucks Forward wore a pair of diamond encrusted Jordan 1 x Off White (custom) sneakers to the arena prior to game six. Customised by non-other than the Shoe Surgeon himself in collaboration with Jason of Beverly Hills these are probably the most insane sneakers to hit the tunnel this season. Fitting for the NBA Finals.

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Pj tucker nike air mag

Image: @nbakicks – PJ Tucker wearing Nike Air Mag, carrying Kobe 4 x Undefeated

PJ Tucker isn’t just the NBA’s biggest sneakerhead, he’s one of the worlds biggest sneakerheads. With a list of rare sneakers to his name of models that aren’t just expensive, but also super hard to find. When he wore the AU$67,000 Nike Air Mags to game 2 of the NBA Finals it let the world know he isn’t just here to play around and hit some corner 3’s. He’s here to challenge the likes of DJ Clark Kent and Mayor who have collections worth millions. Let’s break down his NBA Finals sneaker rotation.

Pj tucker air jordan 13 oregon pe

Image: @NBAkicks – Jordan ‘Oregon’ 13 PE F&F

Don’t get it twisted, PJ Tucker wears his sneakers. Take the Jordan 13 Oregon PE F&F he laced up for shootaround in game 3 or the Nike 4 Kobe x Undefeated he carried into game 2 while wearing the ‘Mags’. PJ Tucker’s sneaker game is just different, and he doesn’t hold back in letting the people know that he’s simply ‘untouchable’ in the sneaker game.

PJ loves rocking PE’s or ‘Player Edition’ sneakers. These kicks were specifically made for college basketball teams (as seen here), NBA players, and some celebrities. As such, they’re some of the hardest sneakers to find as they traditionally arrive in limited size runs specific to the players. PE ‘Samples’ take the rarity even further with sneakers that are never released to the teams, or the public. Take his White Jordan 4 ‘Oregon’ PE’s which he called his “rarest and hardest to find model” on an episode of Complex Sneaker Shopping.

Pj tucker carmelo anthony prfc air jordan 5 pe made exclusively for his nasl soccer team in puerto rico

Image: @nicekicks – Carmelo Anthony “PRFC” Air Jordan 5 PE

There are levels to the sneaker game and PJ is at the upper echelons of collecting. Having the money to purchase such expensive kicks is one thing, but actually finding them is another. You MUST have friends in high places, call them plugs, links, connects, or whatever you want, all we know is the PJ has them. When he pulled out the Carmelo Anthony “PRFC” Air Jordan 5 PE made exclusively for his NASL soccer team in Puerto Rico it literally had Carmelo Anthony himself speechless.

He’s pulled out so many rare sneakers that even some NBA Players with sneaker endorsements can’t get their hands on such models. But it’s his story of surprising Complex’s ‘Sneaker Shopping’

Pj tucker encore eminem x air jordan 4s

Image: @nbakicks – Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Encore

Our favourite of his NBA finals selection would have to be the ultra-rare and expensive Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Encore. One of those sneakers whose price tag reflects its rarity, but one that is equally hard to find and purchase. Originally released in 2005, the sneaker highlights the ongoing collaboration between Jordan Brand and Detroit rapper Eminem which has seen some of the rarest and most sought after models in the world come to fruition. For this rendition, the pair teamed up to create a special blue, red, and black colourway to commemorate the release of his “ENCORE” album.

Pj tucker nike kobe 1 protro pe

Image: @complexsneakers – Nike Kobe 1 Protro ‘Devin Booker’ PE

What’s next for the NBA’s biggest sneakerhead? After the Bucks took game 3 of the NBA Finals we can only expect PJ to turn up the heat even more as the series goes along. His rotation seems to only get better so we recommend staying locked on his Instagram and the NBA Kicks Instagram account to check what happens if the series goes to 6 games. He might pull out the White Jordan IV Oregon PE for game 6 at home, it matches the Milwaukee Bucks uniform after all.

PJ Tucker NBA Kicks

General FAQ

What are PJ Tuckers rarest sneakers?

The NBA's biggest sneaker collector PJ Tucker has a number of super rare sneakers, some of which we've never seen before. The Nike Air Mag and Jordan IV Eminem 'ENCORE' are some, but his rarest are the White Jordan 4 Oregon PE.

What were PJ Tucker's first sneakers?

In an interview on Complex Sneaker Shopping, PJ Tucker revealed that his first pair of cool sneakers were Jordan 1's as he was born in 1985 when they first came out.

Has anyone ever worn Nike Air Mags in an NBA game?

No one has ever worn Nike Air Mags in an NBA game. Although PJ Tucker has worn them in the tunnel coming into the arena. He himself tried to wear them in a game but they're simply too uncomfortable.

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