Surviving the Undertow – The Critical Slide Society Presents THE FRIENDLY PIRATE

The Friendly Pirate is a short film made by the Critical Slide Society that’s bound to inspire you regardless of who you are or where you come from. The subject is Australian surfer Ash Keillah, who overcame the bitterest of struggles and got back on his board when most people would wallow in self-pity and let their lives go to waste. Through a series of rich stream-of-consciousness visuals and intense surfing clips, we hear Ash narrate his own incredible tale of perseverance.

Ash was a young man with the world at his fingertips when he tried to break up a fight after a late night of partying. In the midst of the struggle a glass was thrown into his eye, causing irreparable damage. After a year of trying to fix the injury he decided to have his eye removed. Within that same time-span he lost his mother when she took her own life.

These are the kind of events that could easily destroy someone for good, and yet to hear Ash (aka “The Friendly Pirate”) tell his story you would find him more optimistic and even amiable than that friend of yours who is always complaining about something. Refusing to let obstacles get in his way, Ash still surfs daily, travels all over the world and maintains an utterly positive outlook on things. He gets annoyed by people who make excuses for themselves and is always willing to share his background as a source of motivation for those facing similar hurdles in life. Ultimately, “The Friendly Pirate” is a testament to how the right mindset can prevent even the direst of circumstances from getting in the way of your dreams. Check it out on Vimeo.

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