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Turn Heads With Bleu De Chanel

Originally released in 2010 as an Eau De Toilette, Bleu Du Chanel has been reinvigorated through the recently released Eau De Parfum version. It is complex, incredibly well layered and bodes well for nearly every occasion, a true rarity in that it can be seamlessly applied across all four seasons.

The nose behind this offering is Jacques Polge, most notably responsible for Chanel’s ‘Allure’ line and Coco Mademoiselle (to name but a few…). With a rich opening of ginger, nutmeg and patchouli, the fragrance comes into its own about an hour after application, with vetiver, a sharp grapefruit and the subtle animalic notes of ambergris (whale vomit, for those wondering) coming into their own.

While the sillage I’d only consider moderate, the longevity is surprisingly good – comfortably lasting a full 10 hour work day on the skin with 3 sprays, and while it may not be the knockout compliment snatcher you have been looking high and wide for, it was never intended to be. What Jacques has blended here is something ideally suited to every day office wear. Subtle, sophisticated and totally inoffensive, feel assured you won’t be copping a train load of dirties on the ride into work. Be sure to check out the original EDT too for something a little less poignant.

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