Turnbull & Asser Quality Goes Seven-Fold

One of the great style debates you’ll find come up in conversation with a lot of self-proclaimed dandies and five-hundred-dollar-an-hour attorneys combined is whether a seven-fold tie is a wise sartorial investment or an accessorising boondoggle. If you go to your tie-rack now, you’ll notice that most of your ties (unless you’re Harvey Specter) are likely lined on the inside to add adequate thickness suitable for tying a perfect knot. Taking ten times as long to make, a seven-fold tie constitutes one unlined piece of silk, folded in an origami-esque pattern using seven distinctive folds, to create the perfect weight and thickness for the ultimate luxury necktie (in turn also making it an expensive process), and Turnbull & Asser have just started making them. The London based Turnbull & Asser, possibly the most opulent of Jermyn Street’s famous shirt makers, have been known since 1885 as the best in the business for shirts and ties, so much so that as soon as Prince Charles was granted the ability to issue Royal Warrants, his first was gifted to them. If you remember watching Boston Legal from a few years back, you’ll also recognise their brightly coloured shirts and patterned ties donned by William Shatner as Denny Crane. The seven-fold range starts at £225 GBP (over $400 AUD) per piece, but will make you look like the number one named partner in the firm overnight, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

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