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Bremont’s First Supermarine Diving Chronograph will ‘Never Let You Down’

It can be hard to be the new kid on the block, but British luxury watch brand Bremont is holding its own. The youthful watchmaker released their latest offering, including the Bremont Supermarine Chrono—a watch that firmly cements Bremont’s place in the world of horology.

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The Bremont Supermarine Chrono is the company’s first sports chronograph. The Supermarine line was first launched back in 2009, and was billed as an “amphibious” watch that could double as both an aviator’s timepiece and as a dive watch. The new release adds a chronograph complication to that proven design. You can get the Supermarine Chrono in four variations—two of the variations feature a blue dial and bezel, while the remaining two come in black.

Each variation has a stainless steel bracelet as well as a rubber strap coloured to match the dial and bezel. The case follows Bremont’s practice of using a three-piece construction. In addition, the 43 mm case includes a DLC coated middle case barrel. Inside the case is the La Joux Perret 7754 calibre that provides GMT functionality, the chronograph complication, and 42 hours of power reserve.

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To help introduce the watch to the world, Bremont brought in former Royal Marine Commando, ex Special Forces Sergeant, and star of “SAS: Who Dares Wins: star Jason Fox. With a 20-year background in special forces, Fox knows a few things about having gear you can rely on.

“As a long-standing friend of the brand I’ve been familiar with the product range for some time and have been wearing Bremont for a number of years already,” says Fox. “I have been ‘tested beyond endurance’ my entire life so can fully relate to the brand ethos. I admire and respect what Nick and Giles (Bremont Co-Founders) have managed to achieve, and I can vouch for the quality of the product which has never let me down to date. The Supermarine Chrono is tough, durable, easy to read in hectic situations, reliable in tough situations, and it looks slick.”

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