Channel Steve McQueen with the TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf Special Edition Watch

There are a handful of classic movie stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood whose style still influences us today. Steve McQueen, the cool action star, is undoubtedly one of them – known for his leather jackets and finely designed muscle cars. He’s also notable for his watch selection which seemed to compliment is overall understated class and seemingly blue collar American yet debonair sensibilities—and this Heuer Monaco watch may be the most memorable to ever grace his wrist.

tag heuer watch dials

Which is probably why the TAG Heuer watch brand is bringing it back today, as well as a commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Gulf Racing. The Calibre 11 TAG Heuer Monaco and is named the Gulf Special Edition due to the classic Gulf oil logo on it’s face. To further embrace the classic style and eponymous logo it bears, the watch also fluctuates between orange and blue, on both it’s face and it’s leather strap and stitching. As it’s Swiss made the Monaco’s functionality is of the highest quality and there are two smaller chronograph dials within its larger dial—a thirty second timer and a sixty second timer. One could be for timing your zero to sixty speed in that souped-up muscle car are now driving, while the other may be to keep track of how much time’s elapsed since the bank’s alarms started going off and the police may arrive.

tag heuer watch inside system

tag heuer watch strap

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