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Protect Your Pride with Globe-Trotter’s $1,900 Centenary Watch Case

British luxury luggage and travel accessory brand Globe-Trotter knows that when you travel, safely securing your valuables is a priority, and that includes your most-loved timepieces. Its Centenary 3-slot Watch Case not only offers a nearly indestructible construction but also a stylish and handsome presentation for your valuable watches.

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Globe trotter centenary 3 slot watch case

Globe-Trotter handcrafts their luggage in their Hertfordshire factory. There, the company uses vulcanized fiberboard to make the watch case. This material, which is unique to Globe-Trotter, has been proven time and time again to be nearly indestructible. In fact, in 1912, in an experiment hosted by the Zoological Gardens in Hamburg, a one-ton elephant balanced its entire weight on a Globe-Trotter suitcase

. The case is then covered in premium leather and features corner protectors as well as a clasp to close it, and a strap to carry it. Inside, your watches are carefully nestled into three compartments on a removable tray. The case measures 22.5 inches by 16 inches by 90 inches, making it large enough for your watches but also small enough to add to your luggage.

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Globe-Trotter has been around since 1897, when the Golden Age of travel was at its height. Their luggage has seen every corner of the world, including an expedition to the South Pole led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott, and many pieces are still heirloom treasures for families, including Queen Elizabeth II who was gifted a Globe-Trotter suitcase for her honeymoon and still uses it today.

From royalty to celebrities to dedicated travelers, Globe-Trotter has provided the luggage they need for any adventure. And you can join that club, and take your watches along with you, with the Globe-Trotter Centenary 3-Slot Watch Case. Globe-Trotter offers the case in Black, Black and Gold, Green and Brown, Navy, and Oxblood and Black. The Case is priced at AUD$1,940—which may seem high, but you’ll never need to buy another one…unless you buy more watches to travel with, that is.

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