TAG Heuer Releases its 4th Monaco through Time Watch

For the past year, TAG Heuer has been celebrating the Monaco 50th anniversary. A part of that celebration is a series of five special versions of the Swiss watchmaker’s square-faced racing chronograph. The fourth of that series has just been released in a special ceremony held in Japan.

TAG Heuer back view

Dubbed the “Monaco Through Time” watches, the fourth of the collection has a black and white face adorned with red and orange accents for the indexes, second hand, and the tips of the hour and minute hands. The sub-dials match the square face, and track the seconds and a chronograph minutes counter. The watch case is made of stainless steel and features the “Monaco Heuer” logo on the back. The back is also engraved with “1999-2009” Special Edition, marking it as the fourth watch for the fourth decade. Also engraved on the back is the series number, which goes up to 169.

TAG Heuer 4th monaco watch

Inside the case, the watch features the Caliber 11 movement, a classic automatic winding chronograph movement. The Caliber 11 is a modern version of the automatic winding chronograph movement that debuted inside the original Monaco in 1969. That chronograph is believed to be the first automatic chronograph, and it was an immediate hit, thanks largely to Steve McQueen wearing it in the 1971 film Le Mans. The modern version has two pushers on the right and the crown on the left. The watch comes with a perforated black calfskin strap with white stitching.

TAG Heuer strap

TAG Heuer has already released three other limited edition versions—the first at the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix in May, the second was released in June before the Le Mans, and the third before the Formula E Championship in July in New York. This fourth version is selling at the same price as the previous three, $6,995. It’s available online and in stores.

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