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titan juxt brand new watch

The Titan Juxt, Engineered by HP Combines Classic Design with Modern Technology

As a Man of Many (pardon the pun) tastes, I’ve discovered that when it comes to getting exciting about new products, it’s not always the size that matters. Whether it’s a new car weighing in at two tons or a new razor weighing two ounces, if there’s a consistent display of integrity, craftsmanship and innovation, I’m filled with an equal sense of enthusiasm and eagerness to spread the word. It’s no different in my opinion than appreciating the fun of new experiences, as that’s what products are ultimately for.

titan juxt car

The most recent product to fill me with the warm fuzzies came by way of the watch brand Titan. Titan has been tirelessly and brilliantly crafting watches for over twenty-five years. They’ve grown into the fifth largest watch company in the world through sheer dependability and cutting edge design. Titan’s latest endeavor is the Titan JUXT, Engineered by HP smartwatch The Titan Juxt, Engineered by HP Smartwatch represents the two things I look for most in a product: classic craftsmanship paired with new-school technology. This refined, stunning watch reminds me of other modern works of utilitarian art like the Mcintosh Pryma Headphones or the Audio-Technica Turntable or dare I say it the Tesla Model 3. Elon Musk himself would be impressed.

titan juxt watch front

Allow me to elucidate by veering slightly off subject for a moment. As an analog man in a digital world, I often feel that the concepts of “master craftsmanship” and “innovative technology” are at odds with one another. Sure, many new gadgets have the obligatory sheen and frequently loud designs that scream words like “sleek”, but just beneath the surface there is often an inherent shallowness and even of desperation to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

wearing titan watch in the hand

Oversized flashy screens. Fluorescent plastic. Bubbly icons. Where’s the subtlety? Where’s the impression that a human being poured his or her soul into the design? Even if the labour to bring the product to market was intensive, the lasting impression is that the product was designed by computers and put on a factory line. It leaves the user feeling almost like a sucker or a cog in the consumer machine as soon as they open the packaging. There are two common expressions: the “devil is in the detail” and “God is in the details”.

titan watch beautiful design

Don’t get me wrong: technology has the indisputable ability to improve on classic design or utility. Whether I’m brushing my teeth with an electronic toothbrush, tracking my fitness with an exercise band, listening to music through wireless speakers or calling an associate in the car without using my hands, I’m constantly impressed by the way innovation has made my life easier while simultaneously improving upon the look of any given product. What’s most important to me, however, is that the artistry of a product’s creation still shines through even as the product itself adapts to the times. I still look for design in the details.

titan watch lifestyle

Which brings me back to the Titan JUXT. I simply cannot say enough good things about this watch. The fusion of Titan’s brilliant design with HP’s exceptional technology is everything the modern gentleman can ask for in a product. In other words, this smartwatch doesn’t look like a small computer strapped around your wrist. It retains the classic features and elegant style of a traditional watch–the natural leather strap, the refined black dial and subtle honeycombed patterns, the unobtrusive skeletal hands–along with a bounty of new advantages and conveniences thanks to the HP technology. The Titan JUXT is a true example of digital innovation and analog style. As a result the watch is crafted with absolute precision and still completely functional in the modern day world.

titan watch two different models

In addition to the basic smartwatch tenants such as keeping you connected and notifying you of calls/texts, the Titan JUXT covers the full spectrum of modern-day usage through its ability to do things like track fitness, schedule and manage appointments, alert the user with personal notifications, screen calls, check times in cities across the world, and incorporate social media apps. Yet at no point does it perform these tasks without losing its fundamental essence as a top-tier designer watch. It’s a smartwatch where the word “smart” is as applicable to the user as it is to the watch itself. It’s the kind of watch that distinguishes the owner as a person of refined taste on sight.

titan watch two back side

The future is upon us, but the look of the future is still underway. We can go all Tokyo with fluorescent colors and giant screens crammed into every spare corner, or we can possibly take the Wall-E route by carting around inside the mobile car equivalent of a TV dinner tray, or we can try to remain somewhat elegant as our technology moves forward. The products we purchase, the cars we drive, the things we wear–this will all amount to the shape (or design if you will) our society takes on the whole. When a new product like the Titan JUXT launches, I visualize an elegant future that represents the best of both worlds–the classic and the new, the analog and the digital. This is the world I want to live in–one that operates with the following principle: Size doesn’t matter. Design does.

Titan Juxt, Engineered by HP

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