Woman Finds Rare $250,000 Rolex Daytona Paul Newman Watch in $25 Thrift Shop Couch

It’s the dream of us all, isn’t it: accidentally stumbling across some incredibly valuable object that was just lying around among your household junk. Like discovering an original Picasso in your attic, or finding the first draft of Hamlet under the sink. One Canadian woman lived the dream when she found a $250,000 watch between the cushions of a sofa she had bought from a thrift store for $25m arousing gasps of astonishment and hisses of envy across the world.

The story was made public by Paul Altieri, owner of the secondhand watch dealer Bob’s Watches – a business that deals only in the very most extravagant of old timepieces. It’s a feelgood story if you’re the woman in question, and an inspiration to all of us to keep rummaging around in our couches in case there’s a fortune in there.

But it does raise a few questions.

For example, the woman found the watch four years after buying the sofa. That’s a long time to not notice a watch stuck between your cushions.

Also, the watch in question was a special “Paul Newman” model of the Rolex Daytona 6241, leading us to ask…”what? That’s a thing?” It’s not made clear in the story whether this special edition actually has a picture of Paul Newman on the face, or is merely themed around a general Paul Newmany sort of vibe, but either way it’s pretty wild that you can get that much money for some cheesy celebrity merchandise. Paul Newman’s own watch, of the same variety, sold for over $15 million a couple of years back, a record.

Possibly the biggest question arising from this story is: how did we end up living in a world where watches can be valued at such a level by sane people? But maybe that’s churlish: the woman who found the watch said she’ll be using the money to buy “a house and a boob job”: we should really just celebrate this for the wonderful happy ending it is.