White Dress Shirts from Budd Shirtmakers

The white shirt. A fashion classic and wardrobe essential. It’s all well and good having a few white shirts from various high street stores hanging in your wardrobe but you need at least one that you can pull out of the hat when you want to dapper things up a bit and, for that, you need look no further thanwhite shirts from Budd Shirtmakers. Painfully sartorial and crafted to the highest conceivable calibre, a white dress shirt from Budd not only looks the part, it offers a level of comfort that is, quite frankly, incomprehensible. Dressing like a classy chap is no mean feat but it becomes much easier when you’ve got a Budd base layer in the form of one of their impeccably tailored white dress shirts. An iconic brand and one that does the classics well.