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This $49,000 Kelpie Was Just Crowned Australia’s Most Expensive Working Dog

There’s a ‘good dog’ then there’s Capree Eve, a 20-month-old kelpie from Capree Stud in Newbridge (south of Bathurst) that sold for a record-breaking price of $49,000 AUD at their sale last Thursday. And here we are thinking the price of Cavoodles was getting ridiculous… The sale breaks the previous record, held by male kelpie Hoover, that sold for $35,000 back in 2021. Surely we’re not the only ones sitting here and wondering what on earth you feed a dog worth nearly fifty grand? MBS9+ Kobe A5 Wagyu? Beef tartare? Fiji water?

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So what will this record-breaking kelpie spend her time doing? Rounding up some of the best sheep in the country at Ross Gilmore’s Tattykeel Australian White Stud, with ABC News was quick to point out that Mr Gilmore is no stranger to breaking records having recently recaptured the record for the top-priced meat sheep in Australia selling a ram for a whopping $240,000 AUD.

In the clip below you can hear the auctioneer saying “I think it’s fair to say she’s on the market” as the bidding moved from $46,000 before hitting the magic $49,000 number. While documents are few and far between in proving that this is the highest price paid for a working dog in Australia, let alone the world, The Australian Sheep Dog Workers’ Association believes Capree Eve’s price tag is a world record for a kelpie although more has been paid for different breeds of working dogs overseas.

If a working-class kelpie isn’t on your radar, maybe one of the best apartment dogs is. You can check out our list of the best apartment dog breeds right here.

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