Coffee and Beer Unite in Founders’ Sumatra Mountain Brown

In 1997 Michigan lads Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers threw in their respectively successful careers and decided that life was too short to not follow their dream of making delicious beer. After the expected trials and tribulations that go hand in hand with starting any business, and nearing bankruptcy, they two stopped trying to please the masses and decided to make interesting, different, left-of-center beers that they would enjoy drinking themselves. This approach has since earned them countless international awards and made Founders a household name for beer lovers worldwide. Their vast offerings include year-round and seasonal batches; this Sumatra Mountain Brown ale comes under their ‘specialty’ banner and came about after one of the brewers accidentally ordered too much Sumatran coffee beans for their plant. Brown ale is a bit like the red-headed stepchild of the craft beer community and is often forgotten as one of the great classic brews, but the boys at Founders have done a, excellent job of spicing this one up with a veritable palette of malts including chocolate malt and Munich malt, Perle hops and they’ve finished it off with Sumatran Mountain coffee to bring the huge flavours together. The timing is on point too, as the rich, chocolaty colour and 9% ABV makes it a perfectly potable winter companion.

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