Countdown Your Christmas with a Craft Beer Advent Calendar

Yep, you read that headline correctly. The geniuses at BoozeBud have created the ultimate advent calendar gift with a curated selection of craft beers to count your way down to the Merriest of Christmases. With the option of Beer or Cider, BoozeBud provides you with 25 unique brews from some of Australia’s finest craft breweries. Wrapped exactly how an advent calendar chocolate would, the BoozeBud advent calendar comes wrapped and number, waiting for you to open up every day.

craft beer in carton

The most exciting thing of all is that this year’s selections are kept under wraps until they are opened up each day. While last years’ beverage line-up served everything from Mountain Goat, Young Henry’s, 4 Pines, Murray’s and Prickly Moses, you’ll either have a froth on a beverage you know and love or discover a new one to get you through the Summer. But either way, the beverage selection is hand-picked to offer unique brews from Australia’s most exciting breweries.

If you’re looking to line this up so you’re ready to go on December 1, you should probably act quick, otherwise you’ll have some catching up to do.

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craft beer in carton box wrap