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Alexandra Daddario is one of the Man of Many Q2 Creation Digital Edition cover star | Image: Man of Many

Our ‘CREATION’ Digital Edition Has Landed!

The second Man of Many Digital Edition has arrived, bringing with it a swathe of new features, insights and unmissable stories all centred around the concept of CREATION. This quarter, the team is spotlighting the culture-shaping stars helping to redefine the modern age through their chosen mediums. From genre-crossing musicians and actors who transcend the screen to innovative car designers and whisky makers who live and breathe their art, this edition celebrates the beautiful chaos of the creative process.

Man of Many Editor-in-Chief Nick Hall | Image: Man of Many

From the Editor-in-Chief

Are all creative people born to be creative? I’ve often wondered if there is some special gene that dictates who among us has the potential for artistic greatness. As children, we are put in a box marked either ‘creative’ or ‘analytical’, and asked politely yet firmly to never let the two intersect. However, for most of us, I would argue that life exists somewhere in the middle, enlightened and illuminated only by those who dare to question.

For our second Digital Edition, we celebrate those very people, exploring the concept of creativity in all its forms. An ode to the craftspeople, this collection of stories is among the most diverse we have curated, yet they all share a common underlying theme: that the act of making, whether it be whisky, food, art, or music, is not a job or a vocation but a gift that must be nurtured.

To me, no modern artist better encapsulates the creative zeitgeist than our Q2 digital cover star Alexandra Daddario. The genre-hopping actor has faced her fair share of disappointments, but after a blockbuster showing in one of the biggest television series of all time, the world is at her feet. In my chat with the Emmy Award-nominated actor, I learned more about Alexandra’s unique creative process, but her journey was just one of many.

From heartfelt stories of personal discovery to the sound that defined a generation, our CREATION edition is a love letter to passion and a reminder that art is almost never purely for art’s sake.


A talented writer once mused to me that observation is the ark of all creation. Just as Isaac Newton witnessed the apple fall or Galileo noted the chandelier’s swing, the creatives amongst us are adept at drawing inspiration from the world around them. In this quarter’s Digital Edition, we examined the notion of creation from all angles, starting with our digital cover star Alexandra Daddario. An actor who has been on both ends of Hollywood’s pointed hit list, the New York native is a shining example of what can happen when an artist refuses to compromise their art. The same can be said of all of our feature stories.

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This quarter, journalist Rob Edwards sat down with the man who helped define the sound of a generation, speaking candidly with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello. His unique approach to audio, life and politics made him an icon of the industry and more than 30 years later, he’s still pushing the envelope. Similarly, Ben McKimm chatted with the biggest name in culinary creation, Chef Nobu, about the monumental growth of his food empire, working with Robert De Niro and the artistry behind his most famous dishes.

We explored new beginnings in a brutally honest conversation with Parmigiani Fleurier CEO Guido Terreni, talked multiple personalities with Joel Edgerton, unleashed hell with the Cairnes brothers and learned how a chance encounter turned one winemaker into the nation’s greatest whisky export. Check out all of our CREATION features for this quarter and sign up for our newsletter for more.

Checking in With Alexandra Daddario

“Acting showed me that it’s okay to be super deep and emotional. In acting class, I was allowed to really express my feelings in a way I wasn’t allowed to in the real world.”

More than a decade after she first hit the mainstream, an unassuming dark comedy about a beleaguered hotel chain turned Alexandra Daddario’s life upside down. Seemingly overnight, the actor went from a recognisable face to one of television’s biggest stars, dragging her from the indie world and thrusting her head-first into the cultural zeitgeist. Two years after her season of The White Lotus finished, Daddario is still in awe of the series’ staying power.

In an Australian exclusive, the actor sat down with Man of Many Editor-in-Chief Nick Hall to talk setbacks, breakthroughs and how the ‘finicky’ nature of the film industry can make success an elusive beast.

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20th BMW Art Car by Julie Mehretu in Paris | Image: BMW Group

The French Connection: BMW’s Contemporary Art Masterclass

You never forget your first time. For automotive journalist Ben McKimm, a maiden journey to the French capital illuminated a world outside the ordinary, culminating in the reveal of the 20th BMW Art Car. A fusion of worlds set to an iconic backdrop, Julie Mehretu’s creation was, as she so eloquently put it, ‘a performative painting’.

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Joel Edgerton in 'Dark Matter' (2024) | Image: AppleTV+

‘Dark Matter’ Star Joel Edgerton Reveals What Might Have Been

Despite being one of our finest home-grown talents, Joel Edgerton’s Hollywood journey very nearly ended before it began. In this surprisingly honest chat, the Dark Matter star revealed the unique path he took to the industry’s upper echelon. From dabbles with the canvas to the power of the pen, it’s a portrait of a creative in full colour.

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Tom Morello Uses His Guitar as a Promise and a Threat

“There’s nothing wrong with traditional rock songs, metal songs, whatever. But the electric guitar is a relatively new instrument on the planet, and I think that there’s a lot of territory that is still underexplored or even unexplored.”

Despite spending more than 30 years in the pantheon of rock ‘n’ roll, the world needs Tom Morello more than ever. From his work with Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, to solo efforts as both The Nightwatchman and under his own moniker, the outspoken guitar maestro has crafted a sonic legacy that remains entirely his own. And he’s not done yet.

In this exclusive interview with journalist Rob Edwards, the guitar legend reveals how he found his signature sound, his predictions for the future of the electric guitar, and what revolution in the modern age really means.

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Robert De Niro and Nobu owner and founder Chef Nobu Matsuhisa | Image: Nobu Hotels

How Robert De Niro Convinced Nobu to Build a $100 Million Empire

You’ve seen the queues outside his restaurants; you know the prestige of his fabled hotel chain, but who is the man behind the Nobu name? In a rare interview with one of the world’s most celebrated culinary masters, Ben McKimm unpacks the life and legacy of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. From the secrets behind his favourite dishes to the unexpected delight of working with Robert De Niro, the 75-year-old restauranteur reveals a cheeky side that few diners have ever seen. And no, he can’t get you a reservation.

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'Late Night with the Devil' (2024) | Image: Courtesy of IFCFilms

How Aussie Horror Legends Colin and Cameron Cairnes Unleashed Hell

In a sound studio in Melbourne’s inner suburbs, just metres from the outside world, filmmakers Colin and Cameron Cairnes unleashed hell – quite literally. The horror legends tapped into the paranoia of an occult-obsessed 1970s America with their newest effort, Late Night with the Devil, and the results are astonishing. In this chat with Man of Many film correspondent Chad Kennerk, the duo reveal the inner workings of their personal nightmare, detailing the chilling thrills of uncensored horror.

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Pro surfer and Rivvia founder Julian 'Chippa' Wilson | Image: Rivvia

Changing Tides: Is This the Moment Surf Style Finally Grew Up?

Where once surfwear was seen as fashion’s kindly grommet, the tide is turning. Feature writer Chelsea Ipsen investigates the sweeping change dominating the sports fashion scene and how the new breed of surfers is fuelling the surprising shift in trends.

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Parmigiani Fleurier CEO Guido Terreni | Image: Supplied

How Guido Terreni is Leaving His Mark on Parmigiani Fleurier

Three years after taking the reins at Parmigiani Fleurier, former Bulgari chief Guido Terreni is continuing to revolutionise the watch industry. Here, the creative genius speaks on the Toric, the state of modern luxury and having King Charles as a trusted client.

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The Double Life of Patrick Dempsey

Fresh off a podium-topping turn in the Tudor United Sports Car Series and not long off a whirlwind press tour for Michael Mann’s racing epic Ferrari, actor Patrick Dempsey is keeping up the pace. The reigning ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ is following in the footsteps of his hero, Steve McQueen, proving the doubters wrong and pushing everything to the limit, but after almost four decades in the limelight, he’s learned a thing or two about himself.

 “I find it easier to drive than it is sometimes in front of the camera. You’re in the moment, you’re present. It’s very zen in that respect. And I think that’s what’s so cleansing about it.”

In this revealing personal account, the screen legend sat down with Man of Many Editor-in-Chief Nick Hall in Sydney to explore the art of finding passion, starring in Michael Mann’s Ferrari and how he one-upped the King of Cool himself.

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Sullivans Cove distillery manager Heather Tillott | Image:

How a Leap of Faith Led to Australia’s Most Revered Whisky

In an industry that thrives on scarcity, Heather Tillott is a rare breed. A scientist with the heart of an artist, the Sullivans Cove distillery manager approaches whisky with a flair that can only be described as profoundly personal. In this unfiltered discussion, the mastermind behind the award-winning distillery talks art, science and the ‘revelation’ that helped her find her spirit.

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Pond | Image: Michael Tartaglia

‘Haven’t Been Shy’: Pond Frontman Nick Allbrook Muses on New Album ‘Stung!’

Speaking to journalist Dean Blake ahead of the launch of their 10th album, POND frontman Nick Allbrook details the emotional connection that has been “beyond his wildest dreams”. From dabbles at “self-seriousness” to the influence of Outkast, Allbrook revealed that even after a decade in the limelight, his legendary psychedelic act is still capable of a few surprises.

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Tim Aquino, founder of Theodore (THDR) | Image: Supplied

Meet the Aussie Tailor Transforming Suits into Family Heirlooms

How did a door-to-door photocopy salesman build a suiting empire? For Tim Aquino, founder of Sydney-based menswear tailor THDR, the answer was family. Journalist John Guanzon caught up with the Aussie entrepreneur to talk origin stories and how AI integration is reshaping the fashion game, one suit at a time.

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1 submersible luna rossa tourbillon gmt carbotech experience edition

Panerai’s Staunchly Unapologetic Design Philosophy

More than 160 years after its inception, Italian watchmaker Panerai is setting sail on a bold new voyage, and Alvaro Maggini, the maison’s first-ever creative director, stands at its helm. Here, the industry legend explains how an unapologetic approach to design, heritage and innovation became Panerai’s north star.

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