A “Blind” Tasting of ALDI Wine & Whisky

While Aussies have been enjoying the savings made by shopping at German grocery juggernaut ALDI for years, there’s a generally unspoken rule that the stuff in their liquor section must be at least a little sketchy. While we all love a bargain, we love a drink even more and if there’s one thing we can be snobby about it’s our bevs.

Budget booze may seem like a bad idea on the surface; there’s no guarantee of quality and as anybody who remembers their uni years can attest, crap alcohol is a one-way ticket to Hangovertown. When ALDI’s wines and whiskies started winning big-ticket international awards, however, our ears pricked up, and we decided it was time to rally the troops in the name of all that has an ABV (and comedy).

Our team, made up of professional sommelier (aka: cork dork) Max Gürtler, whisky expert and founder of Gentleman’s Cabinet Pete Stevens, and comedian Tom Armstrong from The Roundabout Crew, brought their A-game to the tasting table for a few hours of trying a selection of ALDI’s finest. Oh, and we didn’t tell them they were sinking the cheapest plonk in town. Sneaky huh.

The verdict? Turns out it’s not so shit after all. While there were some misses among the hits, the general consensus at the end of the day was that ALDI know a thing or two about top-quality vino, and had some serious bargains in the mix.

Max, Pete and Tom are professionals and the resulting video was produced in a controlled environment. Please don’t try to outdrink Tom at home.

hit delicious different whisky

The Hits

Monsigny Champagne Brut

All the telltale signs of a ‘real’ Champagne, because it is. Briochy, delicate citrus notes and a fine bead make for something that tastes more like a $70 bottle. Buy it. $19.99


Peter Metres Mosel Riesling

This is seriously f*cking good wine. Super aromatic, bucketloads of character and delicious AF with dazzling acidity. Probably the biggest bargain of all time. $9.99

Blackstone Paddock ‘The Player’ Barossa Shiraz

Big, peppery, juicy and balanced – this was a textbook Barossa shiraz, with excellent tannins and a long finish. Perfect with a massive steak. $12.99

misses wine and whisky compare

The Misses

Chateau Les Maurins Bordeaux 2015

A little insipid and lacklustre, though largely inoffensive. Nothing wrong with it, but wouldn’t write home to nanna about it either. $9.99

Buy anyway

Highland Earl Blended Scotch Whisky

Look, it’s a bottle of Scotch for less than 30 De Niros, so we’re not going to be too snarky, but this one needs the Amy Winehouse treatment (add coke and ice). $27.99

Buy Anyway

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This article and video is not sponsored or endorsed by ALDI.

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