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The Abercrombie Hotel is Back: Sydney Icon Scores a 24-Hour License

‘It’s been 84 years…’ Well, not quite, but nine long years since The Abercrombie shuttered its doors and we’re finally getting the re-do we deserve, 24-hour license and all. The home of storied Sydney club night Purple Sneakers (not to mention hosting early iterations of SASH along with Picnic and Strange Fruit) isn’t taking any prisoners, kicking things off with a 36-hour party at 5pm on Friday 23 of December. For those playing at home that takes you all the way through to 5am Christmas Day, just in case you need some extra spice at your family’s lunch get together.

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Lil Sis | Image: Solotel

The bones of the old girl are still there, but it’s all been given a much-needed facelift. Yes, even the sticky carpets. The ground floor will play host to the main club space, public bar and beer garden, with familiar names like Future Classic, Motorik and House of Mince set to get bodies inventing new shapes night and day. Upstairs has been branded Casa Rosa, taking inspiration from the Italian discotheques of old on the rooftop terrazza and cocktail bar, with the adjoining terraces playing host to Lil Sis, an aperitivo wine bar and shop.

Solotel bought the venue in 2016, and CEO Elliot Solomon is acutely aware of the history and special place The ‘Crombie holds to many.

“There’s a strong sense of responsibility reopening the Abercrombie given that formative memories of generations of Sydney partiers, including myself, were forged here,” explains Solomon. “We’re ecstatic to welcome back some of the OG club crews like Purple Sneakers. We’re also very aware that there’s a generation of kids who haven’t been able to experience those heady clubbing days in Sydney, for various reasons.’

Elliot Solomon, Zoe Simmons and Mike Rodrigues from The Abercrombie | Image: Yusuke Oba

Elliot Solomon, Zoe Simmons and Mike Rodrigues from The Abercrombie | Image: Yusuke Oba

Whilst the days of flooded dancefloors, broken bones and Philadelphia Grand Jury playing on the roof with all the power wired through the kitchen may be relegated to the annals of history, we’re excited to see a new generation create their own experiences without the fun police blinkers on.

In the words of the NSW Government’s 24-Hour Economy Commissioner, Michael Rodriguez. ‘Get off the couch. Come join the fun!’

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Lil Sis | Image: Solotel

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Lil Sis | Image: Solotel


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