Ailsa Bay Blockchain Whisky is Trackable from Source to Store

Premium whisky brand Ailsa Bay has launched the world’s first blockchain whisky. This unique dram began life by going through a ‘micro-maturation’ process, where the spirit spends between six to nine months in ex-bourbon casks for rapid and intense ageing.

But what set’s this Ailsa Bay whisky apart from the rest of the range is the blockchain feature that captures the full distilling and manufacturing process, allowing whisky fans to track their purchase from source to store. Ailsa Bay is calling its newest whisky the perfect gift for tech fans who love whisky or for whisky fans who love tech.

Blockchain is a list of registers or ‘blocks’ which contain data used to track the whisky’s authenticity. Buyer can trace the origins of a specific whisky by scanning the unique QR code on the bottle, which displays information regarding that whisky’s journey. It’s perfect for ensuring that rare, aged and expensive single malt is exactly what it claims to be.

ailsa bay blockchain whisky

Although, Blockchain technology also allows Ailsa Bay and its parent company William Grant & Sons’ to gather data from existing customers, using mobile location services to correlate where the whisky is being purchased. It’s great in theory, so long as you don’t mind sharing data.

“We’re constantly looking to evolve our offering and learn new things in order to push the boundaries within the drinks industry,” said James Macrae, Brand Ambassador for Ailsa Bay.

“We’re doing something now that we hope will set the bar for the future experience of spirits, and we look forward to seeing how other brands follow suit as innovation within the industry continues to develop in the next few years.”

Ailsa Bay’s new whisky is available now across Australia for RRP $99.95 a bottle.

blockchain whisky

Tasting Notes

Nose: Fresh wood smoke with notes of smouldering damp heather and an extinguished bonfire. Following the smoke is a wave of oaky sweetness, vanilla and candied orange peel.

Taste: With beautifully balanced peat and rich vanillin oak, this second batch has maintained the same intriguing flavour meandering between smoke, fruit and creamy toffee, with the extra maturation period helping develop deeper toasty oak notes with every sip.

Finish: An intriguing balance of oaky sweetness and peaty dryness.

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