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Archie Rose Drops an Accidentally Good(e) Whisk(e)y

Just like their name suggests, Archie Rose Distillery continues to come up roses with their latest whisky batch already becoming the talk of the town. This week the Archie Rose crew road-tested its new brew the aptly titled Good(e) Whisk(e)y and yet again the indie Sydney label has proved it’s punching well above its weight in the whisky game. It seems they can literally do no wrong with their latest concoction the very definition of a happy accident. Yep – every hour is happy hour over at Archie Rose these days.

Archie rose good e whisk e y 2

Archie Rose Good(e) Whisk(e)y | Image: Archie Rose

While the official word on the street is that Good(e) Whisk(e)y is the result of a little dumb luck, we’re not buying into it. In this biz you create your own luck and Archie Rose has well and truly done that, proving that the whisky gods are starting to take notice. The story goes that cellar hand-come-distiller Tim Goode accidentally vatted Archie Rose’s Single Malt and Rye Malt Whisky together. A cardinal sin in the whisky-maker’s bible. However, all was not lost.

Never ones to die wondering, perennial half glass full types, chief distiller Dave Withers, and his blending partner in crime, David Fisher, bravely gave it a taste. Nothing ventured, nothing gained – right? On nosing and tasting the frisky spirit, the mad professors discovered that the two whiskies offered the expressive oak of the rye with the charismatic flavours of the roasted malts. In short: they give it two very big thumbs up.

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Archie Rose Good(e) Whisk(e)y | Image: Archie Rose

And so, it was declared that the hybrid whisky was “good to go” and that the mistake of the still should be memorialised with its own release. How’s that for a life lesson, lads? And now whiskey lovers we give you: Good(e) Whisk(e)y. Or should we say, “really good whisky”.

Serve it neat, over ice, or build it into a boozy Old Fashioned or Manhattan – it’s that good it covers all bases. Good(e) Whisk(e)y talks a good game but it really lives up to it. Inside the bottle, a smooth and intriguing combination of sticky fruits and spices arrive perfectly complimented with amaretto and milk chocolate, whilst it’s ever-so-dry hint of espresso really brings it home with a flourish.

The Good(e) Whisk(e)y retails from $129 per 700ml bottle. You can snap one up now from Archie Rose Bar, Cellar Door and online. If you’re still to pay Archie Rose Distillery a visit then we reckon it’s finally time you did this weekend. Sydneysiders – you have no excuse! Just don’t forget your wallet as you will want to buy up big.

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Archie rose good e whisk e y

Archie Rose Good(e) Whisk(e)y | Image: Archie Rose