Buy this 7-Piece Whisky Decanter Set For Less Than $30

Display and store your Whisky in that legendary Anchorman style with this 7-piece Italian crafted glass decanter and tumbler set for just US$26.74.

We’ve all bought a fresh bottle of Whisky before and been just a little bit disappointed with the way it looks on the counter or in the liquor cabinet.

Why doesn’t it look like the movies? Why don’t I feel like Ron Burgundy? Well, thankfully we’ve got just the thing to class up your favourite spirit with this 7-piece Whisky glass and decanter set, available now on Amazon for a super affordable price of only US$29.99.

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You too can embrace sophistication when you pour out a glass – on the rocks or neat – for all your buddy’s next time you have them around for the evening.

A suitable present for any occasion, or a gift all to yourself, the 7-piece set includes six 9.5oz whiskey tumbler glasses and a 33.75 oz decanter, complete with a bevelled fluted stopper.

Crafted in Parma, Italy from fine sands and raw materials, each time you use this elegant piece of glassware, you will experience the rich tradition crafted from innovative glassmaking pioneers.

For the man looking to provide every drop of elegance with each bottle of whisky he pours, head on over to Amazon now to bring your whisky drinking experience to the next level with the 7-Piece Italian Crafted Glass Decanter and Whisky Glass set, only US$26.74.

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