Easily Travel with Whisky with this $1 Product from Amazon

Finding the best wines usually means travelling to where the wine is to sample it. Getting that wine home can be challenging. You can ship it in a big box, or take the risk of wrapping it up in towels and clothes to be checked in with your luggage. Instead, go for the travel protector bags from Monkkino. These air-filled packaging sleeves will keep your wine—or whiskey—bottle safe for transportation.

The sleeves are made of high quality PE/PA and feature inflatable tubes that completely surround your bottle from top to bottom. The tubes are inflated with the included pump—with just a couple of pumps, you can surround your bottle in protection that not only prevents breakage, but also serves to provide anti-pressure and anti-shock protection. The sleeves are also reusable, and when not inflated can be flat packed, leaving room in your luggage for other items. In total there are 14 tubes or columns to each sleeve. Should one of the columns fail, the others will stay intact, continuing to protect your bottle.

To use the bags, simply slip the sleeve over your bottle, find the port, insert the pump’s needle, and inflate. You can deflate the sleeves for reuse again later.

The sleeves fit bottles up to 13 inches in height and 3.5 inches in diameter. You can even double up the sleeves for additional protection. And it’s not just wine or whiskey bottles that work in these protectors. You can use the sleeves to transport glasses, electronic devices, or even delicate sculptures or figurines. The pack comes with 16 bags and a free pump. Now you can take your favorite drink with you, and not have to worry about it being broke in transit.

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