Electrolyte Beers are the New Recovery Drink You’ve Been Waiting For

A cold beer may not be exactly what you think of as what you need to recover from a hard workout or tough competition, but why not? It’s the first thing you reach for after a hard day’s work, right?

Of course, after a workout you’re needing to replace all those electrolytes that you just lost, and beer isn’t exactly known for doing that. At least, it didn’t use to be. Breweries across the country are catching onto the idea of adding glycogen, electrolytes, and protein to their beers, to appeal to the after-workout crowd.

Electrolyte Beers

Several breweries have started marketing their own versions of electrolyte beers, including Evil Twin Brewing, Harpoon Brewery, Zelus, and Sufferfest. “Small brewers have long sponsored active events in their communities like weekly fun runs, bike rides and road races. People with active lifestyles no doubt love reaching for a beer after a good sweat, like after those weekend long runs, bike rides, and softball games,” states Jess Baker, the editor in chief of CraftBeer.com.

That being said, “electrolyte beer” isn’t a category of beer that the Brewers Association recognises—yet. “It’s safe to say haven’t yet come close to the popularity of something like the juicy or hazy IPA, which could merit creating a new style,” explains Baker.

Of course, there is a debate over how well these beers will actually help you to recover. Sure sounds like a fun experiment to see if they do.