Invest in Liquid Gold with the Single Malt Whisky Fund

The Single Malt Whisky Fund is an idea whose time has come. The fund’s founder, Christian Svantesson, explains that “instead of gold, we buy liquid gold” in the form of rare whiskies. The idea might sound like something that was brewed up in a frat house somewhere, but it has merits.

Over the past decades, rare whiskies have shown a return on investment rate of around 25 percent. The Single malt Whisky Fund has a target rate of return around 10 percent, so even the starting investment of 1,000 Euros ($1,230 USD) will turn a nice profit for investors. Rare Whiskey 101 cites stats of a collection of the world’s 100 most valuable single malt whiskies going up 447 percent since 2010. Obviously there’s value there.

This investment may sound odd that you’re just investing in the liquid and not the actual brewery, but it’s not a new idea. In the mid-1980s, investors bought into fine wines. Still skeptical? In 2016, U.K. auctions for Scottish whiskies jumped up 28.5 percent. Describing the whisky investment market as a bull market isn’t that far from the truth.

Founded by a Swedish team, who have put up their own collection of ultra-rare limited edition whiskies as the investment, the opportunity is open to the world. There is a small 2.5 percent management fee, but the returns should more than cover that. Just like the whisky itself, this investment promises to only get better with time.

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