Lucky Charms Beer is Definitely Magical

Lucky Charms may be magically delicious, but it must have taken a fair amount of magic for Smartmouth Brewing Company to somehow brew up a Lucky Charms flavored beer. Appropriately named “Saturday Morning” after that childhood tradition of slurping down the sugary cereal while watching cartoons, the beer will only be sold in 16-ounce cans in Virginia and is set to be released on—you guessed it—a Saturday morning (March 2, to be exact).

The flavor was achieved by adding the dehydrated chunks of sugary marshmallows to the brewing process. Smartmouth added a bit of toasted marshmallow to take the sugar level up another notch. The beer is hopped and dry hopped with Galaxy and Calypso hops. Playing off the cereal’s tagline, Smartmouth describes the IPA as being “magically ridiculous.” It has a “soft pillow body with a slight cereal taste…designed to remind you of your childhood when you used to sort through bowls of your favorite breakfast cereal to separate the marshmallows form the cereal.”

Lucky Charms Beer

The beer will be released with a whole host of events, including a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament, a comic book sale, and a board games. There’ll be a cosplay contest for those who want to dress up as their favorite Saturday morning cartoon character or super hero. There’s also going to be “Nerd Night Trivia” and music by Baby Josy of LADADA featuring Flamenco Extraordinaire Tom Slay. And if cereal isn’t your thing, there will be pizza from a local food truck.

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