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The Perfect Blend: Penfolds Names Streetwear Visionary NIGO as First Creative Partner

There’s nothing quite like witnessing an evolution firsthand. In a transcendent move, Penfolds, Australia’s most iconic winemaker, has lifted the curtain on a new brand vision, giving us a front-row seat to the truly remarkable. No longer content with simply being the country’s most revered label, Penfolds is taking a swing at the luxury lifestyle market and its got an industry heavyweight in its corner.

At a global launch in Hong Kong, dubbed ‘One by Penfolds’, the brand announced visionary designer NIGO as its first-ever creative partner. The KENZO artistic director’s appointment signals Penfold’s ambitious plan to transcend the premium wine space and become a global luxury lifestyle brand.

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For those unfamiliar with NIGO, allow us to introduce the man at the heart of Penfolds’ bold vision. A once-in-a-generation creative, the Japanese-born designer has become synonymous with the preeminent players in popular culture and luxury streetwear. As the founder and creative director of A Bathing Ape and Human Made, NIGO’s fashion pedigree is undeniable and he’s no stranger to transforming heritage labels. Since 2021, he has served as artistic director of KENZO, successfully revitalising the iconic Parisian Fashion House while honouring its history.

To kick off the multi-year relationship between the two icons, Penfolds and NIGO has unveiled One by Penfolds—a range of wines that celebrate the concept of ‘oneness’. But what exactly does that mean? 

According to NIGO, ‘oneness’ is the concept of embracing the things that make us unique, but also the things that bring us together. For Penfolds, it was crucial to work alongside the communities of each of the winemaking regions that make up the ‘One by Penfolds’ collection. Sourced from Australia, France, China and America respectively, the new range maintains the distinctive Penfolds House Style, whilst capturing unique regional nuances.

“The collaboration came about quite organically,” Keyte, Penfolds Chief Marketing Officer told us. “One of our high-profile celebrity collectors informed us that NIGO himself was not only a wine lover but also a Penfolds collector. So we invited him to Magill Estate in South Australia, and he had an incredible experience. This presented us with a very unique opportunity to be disruptive, whilst remaining authentic to the Penfolds DNA.”

And thus, a remarkable partnership was born—a chance to attract the next generation of wine drinkers.

“We had been contemplating the concept of ‘oneness’ for some time, and when we discussed it with NIGO, he was fascinated and very quickly came up with the animal motifs representing each country of origin,” Keyte continued.

Browse Images of the One by Penfolds Global Launch below featuring NIGO and Rap Sensation Pusha T

These distinctive motifs adorn each bottle and offer a playful yet unique way to identify its country of origin. The crocodile represents Australia, the Panda symbolizes China, the Bear embodies California (USA), and the Rooster represents France. Each wine in the ‘One by Penfolds’ collection is priced reasonably at an RRP of $29.99. As Keyte mentioned when addressing the accessible price point, “Luxury doesn’t necessarily mean a high price point; it can also be about scarcity”.

To celebrate the launch, NIGO has also designed a collection of jackets and t-shirts under his Human Made label. While most items sold out within hours of the launch, you may still find a limited number online or in-store.

Full “One by Penfolds” Collection:

  • 2021 One by Penfolds Shiraz – Australia – AUD $29.99
  • 2022 One by Penfolds Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre –  AUD $29.99
  • 2021 One by Penfolds Cabernet Sauvignon – Australia – AUD $29.99
  • 2022 One by Penfolds Pinot Noir – Australia – AUD $29.99
  • 2022 One by Penfolds Chardonnay – Australia – AUD $29.99
  • 2023 One by Penfolds Rosé – Australia – AUD $29.99
  • 2021 One by Penfolds Vin Rouge – France – AUD $29.99
  • 2021 One by Penfolds Grenache Syrah Mourvèdre – France – AUD $29.99
  • 2021 One by Penfolds Red Blend – California – AUD $29.99
  • Crocodile T-shirt HKD850.00/CNY 665.00
  • Rooster T-shirt HKD850.00/CNY 665.00
  • Bear T-shirt HKD850.00/CNY 665.00
  • Panda T-shirt HKD850.00/CNY 665.00
  • Crocodile Jacket HKD12,195.00/CNY 9,540.00
  • Rooster Jacket HKD12,195.00/CNY 9,540.00
  • Bear Jacket HKD12,195.00/CNY 9,540.00
  • Panda Jacket HKD12,195.00/CNY 9,540.00
  • Four Animal Jacket HKD13,845.00 HDK / CNY 10,830.00

Speaking with Keyte about what lies ahead for the Penfolds x NIGO partnership, it is hard not to share her excitement. The Penfolds chief marketing officer stopped short of revealing the next step, but confirmed that the cogs are already turning a new development. Needless to say, they’ve got our attention.

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