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Limited Edition Penfolds V is the Winemaker’s First Multi-Vintage Chardonnay

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On the eve of Valentine’s Day, iconic Aussie winemaker Penfolds hosted a fittingly intimate gathering in Paris to unveil its first multi-vintage Chardonnay. It goes by the name of Penfolds V and blends five of the best Yattarna vintages from the respective years of 2021 (a future release), 2016, 2014, 2012, and 2011. Brought to life by Penfolds Chief Winemaker Peter Gago and White Winemaker Kym Schroeter, it knocked the socks off of those lucky enough to score an early taste. Only 2,200 bottles will be made available worldwide when the wine officially arrives in April 2023 at a suggested retail price of AUD$875. Start saving now because this limited edition release is one that you won’t want to miss.

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Image: Penfolds

“This is a monumental wine. A 360-degree view of Chardonnay. Truly kaleidoscopic,” wrote Erin Larkin of Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate after tasting Penfolds V for the first time. Here in Australia, we’d expect nothing less from the historic label. Founded in 1844, it kicked off an unbroken line of vintages in 1951 with the secret bottling of its legendary Grange. Wildly ahead of its time, Grange went from an underground classic to one of the nation’s most beloved red wines over the course of decades. That’s not to mention the brand’s popular ‘House Style,’ which sources the highest-quality grapes from some of the world’s most bountiful regions, including California, Napa Valley, Bordeaux, and Champagne. As a direct result, the very name Penfolds has remained synonymous with absolute quality and craftmanship amongst local oenophiles and international ones alike.

With the release of Penfolds V, an evolution of absolute excellence continues. As the brand’s first multi-vintage Chardonnay, it comes fuelled by a relentless sense of curiosity, boldness, and vision. Penfolds describes it as a white winemaking ‘what if’ turned into ‘why not,’ though that hardly captures the reported quality and complexity of this sensational sipper. Chief Winemaker Peter Gago explains, “It’s different. It’s both intriguing and confronting. An evocative wine that epitomises the finesse, restraint, and character of modern Australian Chardonnay.”

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Image: Penfolds

At the heart of Penfolds V are five of the most superlative Yattarna vintages, including the not-yet-released 2021 vintage. Meanwhile, the Yattarna Chardonnay line is a legend unto itself. It came to be after 144 winemaking trials and debuted in 1998 (with the 1995 vintage). From then to now, it’s considered one of the most delicious and refined white wines throughout all of Australia. Blending the vintages together took plenty of time and patience but the effort has certainly paid off, hence the glowing reception from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate. Welcome to the next chapter in Penfolds white wine and one of the most complex Chardonnays that will ever pass your lips.

Limited to just 2,200 750ml bottles worldwide, Penfolds V will be available to purchase starting April 2023 at a suggested retail price of AUD$875. Each bottle features a signature label design and comes in an adjoining presentation box of similar distinction. Expect great things.

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