Son of a Peat Blended Scotch Whisky Takes Your Mouth on a Tour of Islay

Limited in availability and brilliant in execution, Son of a Peat Blended Scotch Whisky is all kinds of special. For starters, there’s the taste itself, a beautifully smoky and balanced blend of 8 Single Malts from Islay, Islands and the Speyside region. Equally worthy of note, however, is the group that made this tasty spirit possible in the first place: Flaviar.

Specifically, Flaviar is a membership club delivering access to (and free samples of) the world’s finest spirits for just $20 a month. With tentacles all over the industry, it’s safe to say the club offers the kind of value and quality that you won’t find elsewhere. It was for Flaviar that Son of a Peat was exclusively crafted, and the spirit makes for quite an impressive debut.

son of a peat blended malt whisky

We were lucky enough to score a bottle of Son of a Peat and it’s a true ride to say the least. Everything about the spirit is uncompromised, starting with the natural colour and extending to the resoundingly smoky taste. Those who don’t like peaty Scotch should take their palates elsewhere, but lovers of Islay whiskies are well advised to grab a bottle if they can. And while the dominating note is smoke, that’s joined by a striking bouquet of sweetness, salt, citrus peel and spice. It all comes in a smooth, mellow body that’s nevertheless prone to bold leaps of flavour, especially at first sip. Needless to say, this baby’s firing on all cylinders.

son of a peat scotch whisky

On the nose are warm notes of campfire smoke laced with sea salt, cinnamon, citrus peel and chocolate. At first sip comes the aforementioned blast of flavour, with heaps of sugar and smoke interweaving to explosive effect. That quickly segues into a mellow body of smoke, spice, pastry, citrus peel and chocolate. A strong finish trails off on a wave of salt, iodine, smoke and black pepper. Of course, with a name like Son of a Peat, and a blend exclusively incorporating Islay whiskies, seasoned drinkers should know primarily what to expect from this smoky stunner. Lovers of brands like Caol Isla, Ardbeg and Laphroiag will certainly find plenty to relish from each sip. Delicious.

son of a peat malt whisky full bottle

No limited edition spirit is complete without memorable branding, and Son of a Peat delivers on that front. Gracing the bottle label is the silhouette of a mysterious, masculine figure. He looks like something out of an old Clint Eastwood western. Some call him a vigilante, others a hero. He’s Son of a Peat, and he fights to put better whisky in the mouths and stomachs of enthusiasts around the world. By all indications, he’s certainly won his first battle.

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