Sullivans Cove Releases Small Batch Whiskies to Celebrate 25 Years

Australia’s most awarded distillery Sullivans Cove is releasing a series of limited edition whiskies, collaborations and special events as part of its 25th-anniversary celebrations.

The Tasmanian whisky brand hasn’t revealed any further details beyond plans to use Australian native hardwood barrels and removing filtration from the equation. Instead, choosing to focus on the long list of accomplishments that includes three “World’s Best Single Malt” whisky awards. Sullivans Cove is the only distillery to win this award more than once.

Sullivans Cove took out Best Single Malt in 2014. 2018 and 2019 and is the first distillery to earn the award from outside Scotland or Japan. It’s also the first Australian whisky brand to gain “Liquid Gold” status in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible back in 2007.

sullivans cove whisky barrels

Head Distiller Patrick Maguire recently became only the third Aussie ever inducted into the global Icons of Whisky Hall of Fame. Looking towards the future, Maguire said: “We’re never satisfied to rest on our laurels around here, so we’re always trying to innovate and lead in the Australian whisky industry.”

“We’ve recently laid down two full-sized casks of whisky coopered from Australian native hardwood, and this year we’re also making a move away from any form of filtration, which will allow our whiskies to be enjoyed in their completely natural form.”

Founded in 1994 on the shores of Hobart’s Sullivans Cove, the Sullivans distillery is still 100% independently owned and operated, with every drop distilled, selected and bottled by hand. While plans for the remainder of 2019 and beyond are still under wraps, It’s safe to say they will include more award-winning whisky.

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