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Krondorf wines

We Flew to the Barossa Valley to Taste Krondorf Wines 2023 Collection, It’s Outstanding

We don’t use the word “legacy” lightly when referring to South Australian winemaker Krondorf or its established presence in the heart of the Barossa Valley. What began with a migration from Europe quickly became a small village in 1847 (the word Krondorf is German for ‘crown village’), where a group of Silesian families quickly went to work on the rich, local soil.

Ample wine production soon followed, coinciding with the region’s robust evolution, and both Krondorf Wines and the Barossa Valley are still thriving to this day. We recently flew to the Barossa Valley to check out the Krondorf Wines 2023 Collection, and we can confidently say that the legacy boldly continues.

From the very beginning, Krondorf has been more than happy to let the region’s fertile soil and premium grapes do most of the talking. “It’s about allowing the wines to express themselves and reflect the sites on which they’re grown,” said Head Winemaker Nick Badrice. “The focus is on sourcing and growing the best-quality fruit, which is a key part of Krondorf Wines’ philosophy.” His minimalist approach to old vine resources and small-batch production yields an exceptional selection of annual vintage releases, blazing a trail all the way up to the new 2023 Collection.

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New krondorf wine collection

We had the chance to taste the full collection at the Krondorf cellar door. | Image: Elliot Barsby / Man of Many

Meet the Krondorf Wines 2023 Collection

Consisting of five limited releases—including the highly touted Icon King’s Mantle Shiraz 2019—the new Krondorf Wines 2023 Collection offers quintessential examples of the Barossa Valley’s character and nuance. Here’s a closer look.

Krondorf Icon 2019 King’s Mantle Shiraz

“The pinnacle of our craft” is how Nick Badrice describes the new Icon Shiraz, which goes by the name of King’s Mantle as a nod to both its preeminent status and crowning qualities. Sourced from 25-year-old vineyards in the northern Barossa, it has spent 18 months ageing inside French Oak.

Capturing the local culture by way of its youthful and vibrant spirit. Only the finest output made its way into the bottle, to deliver spicy aromas, concentrated flavours of black forest fruit and dark chocolate, and a long, glorious finish. If you love Barossa Valley wine, then you’ll definitely love this. Priced at AUD$149.99, it’s the most expensive bottle of the new collection, but it’s also our favourite.

Krondorf 2021 Stone Altar Shiraz

This complex wine pays tribute to the Silesian settlers who migrated into the Barossa Valley from Europe nearly two centuries ago, enduring all kinds of hardship in the process. A fittingly powerful release, it started as old vine fruit that was picked at optimum ripeness before resting in French oak hogsheads for 18 months. Strong fruit flavours of dark cherry and plum overlap with notes of cinnamon spice and dark chocolate within a tapestry of supple tannins and resilient structure to render a vibrant and rich impression. Whilst unquestionably delicious right now, it will taste even better in a few years – RRP $64.99 AUD.

Taste testing the new krondorf wine collection

The Krondorf Icon 2019 King’s Mantle Shiraz was easily our favourite. | Image: Elliot Barsby / Man of Many

Krondorf 2021 Stone Altar Grenache

Here we have another vino crafted in honour of the legendary Silesian people, a truly resourceful and determined bunch. Made from the vintage’s best parcels of grenache, it’s both very perfumed and very expressive, with a complex character that will continue to develop over time (also allowing the strong tannins to soften). No matter when you open the bottle, expect rich aromas of Turkish delight, dark cherry, and raspberry, followed by similarly distinctive notes of liquorice and spice – RRP $64.99 AUD.

Krondorf 2021 Kingship Cabernet Sauvignon

For its inaugural foray into Cabernet Sauvignon, Krondorf sourced fruit from a neighbouring vineyard that was once home to the Tanunda Rifle Club. The wine itself is “one of the vintages of the decade,” according to the brand, and also “a really good example of what Cabernet can do here in the Barossa.” From a wellspring of warm spice and silky texture come dark berry notes with hints of subtle oak – RRP $37.99 AUD.

Krondorf 2021 Old Salem Barossa Shiraz

The Old Salem Church once located in Krondorf Village was destroyed by a flood in 1946 and a vineyard now occupies the land where it once stood. It’s from the high-quality grapes of that very vineyard (along with carefully selected grapes from elsewhere in the Barossa) that we get this young, fresh, floral, and aromatic Shiraz. Maturation inside New French and American oak helps round out the wine’s intense profile of wild blackberry, blackcurrant, cinnamon, and anise.

History, craftsmanship, and quality collide with the new 2023 Collection from Krondorf Wines. Each release continues a legacy that’s nearly 200 years in the making, all whilst cultivating the natural qualities of premium Barossa Valley soil and grapes. A minimalist approach lies at the very heart of the winemaker’s philosophy, resulting in a slate of releases that are as expressive as they are quintessential. Pick up a bottle for a taste of something truly special – RRP $37.99 AUD.

The 2023 Krondorf Wines Collection is available at select BWS, Dan Murphy’s and Krondorf Cellar Door, with prices starting at $37.99 and going as high as $149.99 for the King’s Mantle Shiraz 2019. Happy sipping.

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Krondorf wines line up

Krondorf Wines 2023 collection in the glass. | Image: Supplied

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