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Editor’s Letter: Man of Many October 2023

I’ve always found the spooky season to be an oddly liberating time. It is the period when you’re finally free to let your hair down, slip into an otherwise entirely inappropriate outfit and inadvertently reveal to your coworkers the freaky things you do in your spare time. This year, we were inundated with a smattering of Barbies, a few Travis and Taylors and a Harley Quinn or two leftover from last year, but for me, the classics still reigned supreme. 

From Freddy Krueger to Leatherface, Nosferatu to The Addams Family, the ghoulish delights of classic cinema continue to hold strong, just ask the experts. A recent study into the ‘Science of Scare’ revealed the definitive list of the most terrifying horror movies of all time and the results are, somewhat fittingly, a shock. With more than 20 slasher and splatter flicks to get through, you might have to ditch the mid-week party, nestle into the couch with a Johnnie Walker or two and get into the spooky spirit at home. 

While Halloween is yet to fully find its groove here in Australia, the end of October still marks a defining moment in the calendar year. A brief intermission from the structure and social conformity of corporate life, October 31 is the perfect time to cleanse the soul and start prepping for the new year. 

Now I’ll admit, getting your 2024 plans in order this far out might be jumping the gun, but it never hurts to be organised. After all, Seneca believed that luck is where opportunity meets preparation (allegedly). If you are anything like me, the prospect of a new life skill, enterprising hobby or flawless physique lies just over the Christmas break hill (provided you’re not trying to get in Jeremy Allen White shape). The climb starts now.  

Prepare yourself for two more months of deadlines, project updates and mandatory fun at the work Christmas party, the real horrorshow has only just begun! 

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Editor-in-Chief, Man of Many

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Nick Hall

Nick Hall

Nick Hall is an award-winning journalist and the current Editor-in-Chief of Man of Many. With an extensive background in the media industry, he specialises in feature writing, lifestyle and entertainment content. Nick is a former Mumbrella Publish Awards ‘Editor of the Year’ and B&T's ‘Best of the Best – Journalist’ category winner.

Prior to working at the men’s lifestyle publication, Nick spent two years as a journalist with Inside Franchise Business, focusing on small business, finance and legal reporting.