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Ele by federico karl snack menu feature

ELE by Federico & Karl Adds Snack Menu with a Fine Dining Attitude

In just its first year, ELE by Federico & Karl (The Star Sydney) has already been awarded a chef’s hat alongside a ‘young chef of the year’ award. And while the temptation to visit is often built around its outstanding degustation menu, the unveiling of a new snack menu means more guests are welcomed into both the restaurant’s Dining Room and Chef’s Table. We highly recommend the front-row experience.

Across 2-hours, we had the chance to explore everything from the Wagyu Tartare with Cucumber & Black Garlic, to the Coral Trout Collar with Green Tomato Sambal, and Stone Axe Tri-Tip & Garlic Condiments. Oh, and we can’t forget the Chips & Aioli. Is this Sydney’s ultimate snack menu? Let’s find out.

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Ele by federico karl snack menu samantha rose 2

ELE by Federico & Karl | Image: Samantha Rose

Since opening, the response to the restaurant has been immense. Co-founder Federico Zanellato stated, “We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response to ELE since opening and it gives us great pleasure being able to welcome even more guests in to experience the restaurant with a more accessible iteration of our menu.”

Going beyond the aforementioned Chef’s Hat, it’s the passion of returning patrons that brought the idea for the new menu. And although the degustation remains the ultimate expression of the venue’s play on ‘ELEMENTS’ – hence the name ‘ELE’ – the snack menu is a worthy response to the trends making their way across the Sydney hospitality scene.

Find your way to the hidden restaurant by looking for the hologram out the front. Push the door open and you’re right inside room number one, the bar. This is where the experience starts, and you’ll be able to try all the wine, aperitifs, cider, beer and elemental cocktails you desire. We highly recommend you check out one of the two new creations, the ‘Hungry Thirsty’ made with Four Pillars gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, OAK strawberry milk and anise, and the ‘Ocean Martini’ which uses Manly Spirits gin, Italiscus and Tasmanian pepper leaf oil.

Ele by federico karl snack menu samantha rose 4

ELE by Federico & Karl | Image: Samantha Rose

After finishing our drinks, we moved past the projector-lit dining room and into the kitchen. Here, the Chef’s Table proudly surrounds the action with a high bench. It didn’t take long for us to decide on our ‘snacks’, opting for the Wagyu Tartare with Cucumber & Black Garlic ($26) to start, before moving on to Baby Carrots & Brown Butter Gribiche ($18), and Coral Trout Collar & Green Tomato Sambal ($18).

We can’t speak highly enough of this pairing. The carrots were a standout dish and speak to the local and sustainably sourced seasonal ingredients found in every dish. There are shades of ‘fine dining’ throughout the menu, but these two are *chef’s kiss*.

Finally, steak and chips to finish. Why? Because can’t think of a more staple pairing for any Snack Menu in Sydney than a Stone Axe Tri-Tip & Garlic Condiments ($65) alongside Chips & Aioli ($10). While rich and indulgent, you’re often reminded why many choose premium rib-eyes and tri-tip steaks over that of a full-blood Wagyu. This is one of those occasions, perfectly seasoned, charred to perfection.

It’s clear ELE by Federico & Karl is throwing its Chef’s Hat in the ring to create one of the best ‘Snack Menu’s’ in Sydney. With a well-balanced menu that’s easy to navigate (and sharply priced we must say), great drink options (including exceptional non-alcoholic options), and a restaurant that manages fine-dining expectations. This is the perfect spot to spend a Friday night, date night, or even hang out with a few close mates on Thursday – it’s the new Friday in case you didn’t know. Our recommendation? Place your booking now.

Check out ELE

Ele by federico karl snack menu samantha rose 3

ELE by Federico & Karl | Image: Samantha Rose

Ele by federico karl snack menu samantha rose

ELE by Federico & Karl | Image: Samantha Rose

ELE by Federico & Karl Snack Menu

The full snack menu for ELE by Federico & Karl can be found below.

  • Homemade Sourdough & Butter $8
  • Wagyu Tartare, Cucumber & Black Garlic $26
  • Smoked Cod Brandade Donuts $8ea
  • Mayura Station Pastrami Skewer & Sourdough Miso $12ea
  • Baby Carrots & Brown Butter Gribiche $18
  • Coral Trout Collar & Green Tomato Sambal $18
  • Charred Cabbage, Cured Egg Yolk & Spice Yoghurt $20
  • Southern Calamari & Padron Hot Sauce $25
  • Skull Island Prawns & Desert Lime Kosho $32
  • Glazed Quail Summer Salad & Truffle $35
  • Stone Axe Tri-Tip & Garlic Condiments $65
  • Add Caviar on chef’s recommended dish $30/3g
  • Chips & Aioli $10
  • Wild berries, Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt & Fennel Pollen $14

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