Froth on Your Own Brews with The Catalyst Beer Fermenter

Home brewing has got to be one of the most simple yet somehow complicated past times out there. On one hand, it’s a no-brainer. You get to make your beer your way, it’s a great way to show off to your mates and to top it all off you can get comfortably sauced for a fraction of the price of shelling out cash at a bottle-shop. The only catch real is that you need to know how to science. At least how to science a little bit.

The processes of brewing your own frothy batches of ales, lagers and everything else in between, whilst ancient, still involve a lot of control, finesse and a keen eye for the many variables that can make or break a delicious dunkel. Luckily, the boys at Craft A Beer have come to the rescue with the Catalyst, a beer fermentation apparatus that fixes the impracticalities of other systems so you can spend less time siphoning and decanting and more time focussing on the brew itself.

froth brews catalyst beer fermenter process

The large conical vessel seals at the top and bottom so your brew stays safe from unwanted bacteria, and when the sediment settles it’s as simple as shutting off the 3” Trub Trap butterfly valve, unscrewing the mason jar and replacing it with a smaller one for the yeast. Repeat that and it’s bottling time. Normally by now you’ve been up to your elbows cleaning sediment and yeast twice over and you’ve then got to transfer from the brew keg to a bucket for siphoning, but seeing as this bad boy harnesses gravity, you simply attach the hose and let ‘er rip straight into your preferred bottles or a keg.

The best bit? you can fit all the gear in most domestic dishwashers so you can rock and roll with your next brew straight away. With the absolute sheer simplicity of use this set up boasts I expect home brewing is going to continue to grow beyond a backyard hobby into a regularity in homes all over.

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