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Samurai 15oz New S0255XX Denim | Image: The Denim Store

Man of Many’s Staff Favourites – 1 June 2024

Can you believe we’re in June already? It feels as though we only just ticked over to March and now we’re almost at tax time. Speaking of, is anyone else prepping for a tasty little return this year? I tend to get a little shafted by the tax man each year, but I’ve got a feeling things are finally going to fall my way, and if they do, I’ll probably be taking inspiration from our weekly Staff Favourites guide. As should you!

Samurai 15oz New S0255XX Denim | Image: Corlection
Samurai 15oz New S0255XX Denim | Image: Corlection

Samurai 15oz New S0255XX Denim

Nick Hall – Editor-in-Chief

Anyone who has heard me wax lyrical about the importance of double-rivet construction and grand indigo-use knows that I love my jeans. I’ve always been a big fan of Japanese selvedge denim, which takes the intricacies of traditional denim construction to the extreme, utilising classic material dying, sewing and milling processes. After years of wearing my Godspeed 1984-X to death, I finally decided to retire them and upgrade to the new Samurai 15oz New S0255XX Denim.

I picked these ones up from denim superstore Corlection, and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. I am a big fan of neppy denim, so I was immediately taken with the Samurai jeans’ strange textured surface. As the team at Corlection explained, the texture is known as “Otokogi” and features an unusual scattered dotted effect. Best of all, they are primed for some serious fades. Sure, they are a little pricy, but I am a firm believer that buying quality (and ethically produced) goods will serve you better in the long run.

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Scott feeling very sorry for himself | Image: Man of Many
Feeling very sorry for myself | Image: Man of Many

The Joys of a Broken Finger

Scott Purcell – Co-Founder

After having my hand operated on last Friday, my typing capacity has halved, so it’s going to be a bit of a shorter one from me, but important nonetheless. This week I presented and debated at the Unmade HumAIn AI Conference on whether Generative AI is an extinction-level event for media. I argued in the “no”, and the good news? We won, and I still have a job and a future! 😅 I’m sharing this with the Unmade HumAIn conference attendees, so why not share these tips here with those of you who are into AI? Here are some links to more handy tips, tricks & resources on AI. Also, if you haven’t already, sign up to our private WhatsApp Group.

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Vivid sydney x aster rooftop bar
VIVID Sydney x Aster Rooftop Bar | Image: Supplied

VIVID Sydney x Aster Rooftop Bar

Ben McKimm – Journalist

There are few better places to watch VIVID Sydney this year than Aster Rooftop Bar. I found this out for myself on Friday night when I was invited to visit and sample their bespoke Vivid Sydney experience which consists of a palate cleanser, two cocktails and two courses for $169 per person. We started with a delicious palate cleanser consisting of Fuji Single Blended Japanese Whisky, lemon, pear, finger lime, and honey served in an oyster shell made from recycled oyster shells.

The following two cocktails were highlights: ‘Second Chance’ with Four Pillars Gin, Strawberry, Brioche, Balsamic, and Yogurt, and ‘Expedition’ with Batanga Blanco Tequilla, Pistachio, Tepache, and Green Tea.

Food-wise, the entree of free-range chicken pate with organic beetroot and local Sydney gin is a take-it-or-leave-it type of dish. You either love pate, or you should choose the vegetarian alternative with handmade mushroom pate. The Riverina black Angus tenderloin and Rangers Valley black onyx brisket on the other hand, was clearly a big hit. This is a real highlight dish that’s elevated with an unbeatable view.

Shadowboxer, South Yarra | Image: Supplied
Shadowboxer, South Yarra | Image: Supplied

Shadowboxer Kitchen and Bar

Richie Hall – Video Producer

South Yarra has no shortage of amazing wine bars but Shadowboxer is comfortably one of the best. Located on Toorak Road, Shadowboxer Kitchen and Bar takes great pride in an exclusively Australian wine list and a rolling, seasonal food menu. Set within a stunning original terrace house built in 1895, the two-tiered terrace is an ideal spot on a sunny day, and the two dining spaces inside are relaxed and modern. The pasta is handmade onsite, so naturally, I went for both the squid ink tagliatelle with crystal bay prawns, shellfish Napoli and fermented chilli butter and the potato pici, wild board bianco ragu, cime di rapa with pecorino. A visit to Shadowboxer is to celebrate Aussie wine and produce.

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Galway Pipe Bourbon Barrel Tawny 10 YO | Image: Supplied
Galway Pipe Bourbon Barrel Tawny 10 YO | Image: Supplied

Galway Pipe Grand Tawny 12 YO

Dayna Aspite – Branded Content Associate

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of sharing Galway Pipe’s award-winning wines with friends and family, and as someone who is slowly making their way into the world of good wine, this was a hit! The Galway Pipe Bourbon Barrel Tawny 10 YO ( awarded Best Wine from Australia this year by the way) was rich and smooth with a hint of bourbon, which is what really sold me. The 12 YO was just as amazing with its more sweeter and spicier forward flavour. Coming into the colder weather is what really made these wines shine as it made for a cozy and comforting time, especially as a cheeky dessert wine to enjoy after dins with the fam.

Both wines, crafted by Chris Dix and Chad Smith, impressed everyone and opened my eyes to the joys of wine and egear to try more! Cheers to new experiences and exceptional wines!

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Stait herbal tea
STAIT Herbal Tea | Image: Supplied

STAIT Herbal Tea

Alex Martinez – Media Sales and Brand Partnerships

Blue tea anyone? With some colder conditions hitting Sydney, I have rediscovered the joy of a warming cup of tea in the evenings. STAIT has a great herbal tea designed specifically for men. Seven natural ingredients designed to support hormone health and general well-being including Damiana Leaf, Fennel Seed, Ashwagandha Root, Siberian Ginseng and the Blue Butterfly Pea Flower which gives the tea its distinct blue colour. 

Blended and packaged in Australia using local and imported certified organic ingredients. GMO free. No fillers. No additives. No pesticides. No herbicides. No brainer.

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Calabria belena shiraz
Calabria BÉLENA Shiraz | Image: Supplied

Calabria Family Wines BÉLENA Range

John Guanzon – Head of Social

While working at Man of Many has many fun perks, one of my favourites is the regular opportunity to sample new Australian premium wines. I was thrilled to receive a sample box from Calabria Family Wines’ new BÉLENA range recently and from the moment I uncorked the first bottle, I knew I was in for a treat.

The BÉLENA range not only stands out with its exquisite packaging but also impresses with its rich and complex flavours. The standout for me was the BÉLENA Shiraz – anyone who knows me well knows that a good shiraz is my kryptonite. The wine offers a bold, full-bodied experience with notes of dark berries and subtle hints of spice, making it a perfect companion for a cosy evening. The Chardonnay was equally impressive, with a well-balanced mix of citrus and tropical fruit flavours and a smooth buttery finish.

What makes the BÉLENA range truly special is the option to personalise the bottles. This unique touch makes them ideal for gifting, whether for Father’s Day, a milestone birthday, or any special occasion. The attention to detail and commitment to quality from Calabria Family Wines is evident in every sip. If you want to elevate your wine experience, the BÉLENA range is a must-try.

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Doozy HALF & HALF | Image: Supplied


Harry Parsons – Senior Branded Content Manager

I have just returned from a doozy of a holiday in Hawaii and am looking for any excuse to keep the holiday vibes going and relive that cocktail on the beach. To be honest I didn’t want to return home and continue with my same old beer consumption – I’d rather give something else a crack. Fitting perfectly with my return from the US, I have recently given Doozy’s new range of flavours a go, which are based on the Arnold Palmer, the Vodka Ice Tea & Lemonade, and the Vodka Ice Tea & Lemonade with Raspberry. Let me tell you that these transported me straight back to those beaming sunny days on Waikiki Beach, enjoying a refreshing and flavourful beveragino.

Honestly, I couldn’t pick a favourite out of the two flavours. Both provide a punchy flavour and to my shock are not overly sweet. Some RTDs can be packed with sugar and it was a nice surprise to feel like I can have a can and not feel like I’ve had a cup full of sugar.

On your next sunny day, I highly recommend these as a beverage of choice to enjoy with mates. They’re easy to drink, refreshing, offer great flavours and are not overly sweet. Definitely a sessionable choice.

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70th anniversary ultra stratocaster hss
70th Anniversary Ultra Stratocaster HSS | Image: Rob Edwards / Man of Many

70th Anniversary Ultra Stratocaster HSS

Rob Edwards – Branded Content Editor

It’s a remarkable thing, the Stratocaster. Despite celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, somehow, that unmistakable design with its dual horns and sculpted body still looks entirely futuristic. Sometimes you just need to be reminded that that’s the case. While the classic black Strat with its combination of a white scratchplate and maple neck will always remain one of the most iconic guitars of all time, over the decades its familiarity has lessened the impact of that core design. Enter the 70th Anniversary Ultra Stratocaster HSS.

With its stunning pearly iridescent Amethyst finish, dark maple neck, and humbucker / single coil / single coil pickup arrangement, this guitar highlights the ambition and vision Leo Fender and Co. showcased all the way back in 1954. Plus, it’s a timely reminder that despite being 70 years old, the Stratocaster remains a revolutionary instrument that’s still very much in its youth when you consider the evolution of instruments across history.

The fact that the 70th Anniversary Ultra Stratocaster HSS is an absolute joy to play, offering the kind of tone range that makes it an asset across a wide variety of classic and modern genres just reinforces the unqualified genius of that original core design. 

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