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Incredible Kia EV5 Takes Centre Stage at Vivid Sydney 2024

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Vivid Sydney 2024 is now underway, and after stealing last year’s show with its astonishing Helix concept installation, Kia has returned to up the ante with the soon-to-launch EV5 and flagship EV9 showcased across a pair of must-see attractions: the Kia Kaleidescope and Kia Kinetic.

As our nights take on the winter chill, Vivid always brings the Harbour City to life via a vast array of innovative installations and thrilling light shows, coaxing Sydneysiders out of our state of hibernation.


This year, Kia’s twin offerings serve as a major highlight, thanks to a stunning mix of LEDs, projections, and an eye-tickling look at Kia’s vision for the future of motoring.

Read on to discover more about Kia’s remarkable offerings at Vivid Sydney 2024.

Kia Kaleidescope

This mesmerising installation will give you a closer look at Kia’s incoming all-electric medium SUV, the incredible EV5. Consisting of a textural projection map which lights up Kia’s soon-to-be-launched vehicle in brilliant colour, the installation transforms the EV5 into a kaleidoscope of pattern and movement that perfectly captures the SUV’s fun, innovative nature.

Using a diverse range of cutting-edge visual effects, the showcase sees the body of the EV5 transform through light into liquid metal, overgrown vines, and many other compelling motifs, which are designed to highlight the creativity and imagination behind Kia’s EV range.

While highlighting the brand’s use of recyclable materials and its commitment to delivering top-of-the-range technology and safety, the Kia Kaleidescope delivers a unique piece of visual splendour that will undoubtedly delight crowds as much as the EV5 that sits at its core.

Discover the Kia EV5

Kia Kinetic

Exploring Kia’s unmistakable approach to design, this installation boasts a bespoke LED experience of the utmost immersion. Thanks to a mind-blowing optical illusion—who doesn’t love those?—this mesmerising display will see the Kia EV9 appear to float within what Kia calls “a kinetic world of colour and light.”

Discover the Kia EV9


Inspired by natural phenomena and landscapes, this display places the body of Ev9 at its centre. From there, it uses individual LED brick visual animations to create intricate light and pattern effects that bounce off its signature lines and sleek design, creating a hypnotic exploration of Kia’s singular design language.

Vivid Sydney 2024

For those lucky enough to be heading along to Sydney’s world-class annual light show, make sure you don’t miss Kia Kaleidescope and Kia Kinetic. These stunning installations raise the bar on light-based artistry and are guaranteed to create a dazzling spectacle you won’t soon forget.

To discover more about the EV5, simply click through the link below.