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Black star pastry cakes

Man of Many’s Staff Favourites – 18 December 2021

Less than one week to go until we’re all floating in the pool suffering from a mixture of alcohol poisoning and a Chrissy pudding overdose. This year hasn’t exactly gone to plan, but we’ve unearthed some seriously cool shit over the last 12 months, and this week was no exception. Take a break, relax and enjoy our Man of Many Staff Favourites for this week.

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Dot compact electric skateboard
Image: dotBoards

dot Compact Electric Skateboard

Tim Fernandes – Sales & Partnerships Manager

One of the best electric skateboards available, dot was designed with a true skate feel in mind. Unlike a belt-driven motor, their patented Hub Motor (which by the way was designed and tested in Melbourne) allows for freewheel and regenerative braking, making the whole experience from start, cruising and slowing down a much smoother ride and far more like regular skating. In other words, none of that awkward or jerky motion you find in other brands. It’s got all the things you’d expect from a top of the range electric skateboard; Multiple ride modes (Novice, Eco and Expert), an ergonomically well designed remote making acceleration simple/smooth, urethane wheels that ensure footpath cracks are no issue and light but strong trucks and deck which makes the boards very portable.

The dot Compact is the smallest of the three models and extremely convenient, perfect for public transport and commuting to work, taking on holidays (it’s fully tested and rated for airline travel) or just a super fun trip down the shops. Another great thing about the dot brand is they let you configure the Compact board set-up with one or two motors (increasing the incline hill climb from 15% to 30%) and one or two portable batteries (increasing the distance from 14km to an insane 28km range). Treat yourself this Christmas.

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Black star pastry cakes 1
Image: Black Star Pastry

Black Star Pastry Mango Yuzu & Black Sesame Zen Cakes

Nick Hall – Digital Editor

Christmas is a time for good food and in particular, desserts. My mum is a big fan of baking and her efforts in the kitchen are steadily getting more impressive which each passing, however, she may have met her match. Sydney legends Black Star Pastry have just unveiled two limited-edition cakes to celebrate the launch of its first international store in Shanghai, alongside the flagship Melbourne store at Chadstone Shopping Centre (opening Mon 08 Dec). But like everything the iconic store does, it’s not just a delicious cake. Black Star Pastry has teamed up with world-renowned Japanese illustrator, Noritake – and two incredible new additions to its line-up of legendary cakes.

The first is the Mango Yuzu Cake, which cops seven layers of tropical flavour, blending refreshing yuzu with creamy coconut, topped with fresh mango and sago. Built on a coconut dacquoise base are layers of yuzu coconut ganache, coconut sago, coconut cream mousse, fresh mango, mango pudding, and yuzu jelly, this is serious work of culinary art.

Next is the Black Sesame Zen Cake, which is inspired by the classic Japanese rock gardens. It features a crunchy, thin bed of charcoal milk chocolate feuilletine that sits beneath layers of cheesecake. Every bite has this odd hit of sweet mascarpone and cream cheese that is matched with a salty Shiro miso. Landing somewhere between a thicked latter texture and an old-school cheesecake, this one really caught my attention. Both new cakes landed at Black Star Pastry today and I can gaurantee they will sell out. Get into it.

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The balvenie made by heart signet ring
Image: Man of Many

The Balvenie AHW Studios Signet Ring & Milly Dent Whisky Tumblers

Scott Purcell – Co-Founder

Okay, so this week is a little biased as it’s from one of our very own campaigns with The Balvenie but it’s exactly these types of products that get me so excited about my job. As part of The Makers series in partnership with The Balvenie, we enlisted five separate makers to make completely limited edition and hand-made products inspired by The Balvenie Whisky. I’ve now bought two of them (yes with my own cash): The ‘Made By Heart’ Ring; and Milly Dent’s Whisky Tumbler Glasses. I love all of the tiny details of each with the Smoky Quartz being the National gemstone of Scotland and amazingly close to the colour of whisky which is used as the centerpiece of the ring. For the Whisky Tumblers, they are a set of mixed-texture glasses inspired by the charred insides of the barrels and are made from charcoal porcelain. You can buy both at the links below.

The Ring The Tumblers

Campus Univers Cascades on Instagram

Frank Arthur – Co-Founder

Campus Univers Cascades is a professional stunt training centre based in France and their Instagram account is the perfect blend of cinema, acrobatics and gratuitous violence. Their campus is located in the Hauts de France region, in Cateau-Cambresis just a couple of hours from Paris and features foam pits, parkours equipment, abseiling, dojos…and a bunch of other cool stunt person things.

Campus Univers Cascades proves that stunt performances are just as epic on our phones as they are on the big screen. @campus.univers.cascades posts its students and teachers flaunting their skills through Instagram skits filled with fight scenes, gymnastics, fire, weaponry and all other elements that make for spectacular stunt work.

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Koala pet bed
Image: Koala

Koala Furbaby Pet Bed

Denise Barnes – Native Content Manager

Australia’s favourite mattress brand recently launched a new product that has all the same Koala features we love, but for your pet. The catch? It was so sought after that it sold out within 36 hours after its release! And while the pet bed was only a limited release, there was an actual petition set up which brought back the Koala furbaby bed.. I was one of the lucky ones to actually get my hands on one and can confirm my dog is completely obsessed with it. I’ve never seen her enjoy any of her previous beds as much as this one. In fact, her couch snuggles have gotten less and less as she just loves lying in her new super comfy bed.

Sohi gin
Image: SoHi

SoHi Gin and Vodka

Ben McKimm – Staff Writer

SoHi Garden Envy Gin

Made from Southern Highlands gardens. Garden Envy is a truly beautiful and delicate gin. I fell in love with the scent of rose and lavender, but it was the savoury notes of rosemary, thyme, orange peel and fresh mint, backed up by cress and pink peppercorns that had me going back for seconds (and thirds). We recommend drinking with a glass of Strangelove No.8 or an everyday Light Tonic.

SoHi Potato Crisp Vodka

Not a regular vodka drinker, I made an exception here and boy was I glad. Oh so smooth. Cleanly crisp. Extra creamy. Made with pure Southern Highlands potatoes. You’re greeted by a fresh earthy scent; a little like the morning after rain. A full palate texture, and a smooth. I can’t think of a better vodka for martinis.

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Hyperice hypervolt 2
Image: Hyperice

Hyperice Hypervolt Pro 2

Sam Mangioni – Staff Writer

For better or worse, today’s world is all about speed and efficiency. So if there’s a product that can save me time, I want to know about it. Massage guns have exploded onto the market, and to be honest, I was sceptical at first. However, I was fortunate to get my hands on the Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro and surprisingly, it’s been a gamechanger to my fitness routine. I’ve found it an incredible tool for either warming up for a workout or cooling down. It’s by no means a substitute for stretching, but it’s a fast and efficient way to stimulate or recover your muscles. The Hypervolt 2 Pro comes packaged with five easily changeable attachments, allowing me to target every part of the body. Furthermore, the device has five variable speeds on a digital dial, meaning I can still attack tighter or more sensitive areas. The Hypervolt PRo 2 has made me a believer, and I’d highly recommend it for anyone who lives an active lifestyle. – AU$629.95.

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Stranahans colorado whiskey single malt sherry cask
Image: Stranahan’s

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Single Malt Sherry Cask

Jacob Osborn – Staff Writer

Colorado’s first legal distillery since Prohibition, Stranahan’s makes a compelling case for America’s growing single malt movement. They rest this small-batch whiskey for four years in charred American oak before finishing it off in Oloroso sherry casks. It’s burgundy in colour and much richer in flavour and texture alike than its relatively young age would suggest.

Best enjoyed neat (though also quite delicious on the rocks with a splash of Coke), Stranahan’s Sherry Cask imparts a nose of cherry, banana, vanilla, and oak. On the palate come luscious waves of banana, vanilla, chocolate, sherry, and raisin along with hints of spice and oak. Those notes carry through to the burn-free finish, which goes down like silk and leaves traces of chocolate, sherry, nuts, oak, fruit, and coffee in its wake.

Made from 100% malted barley perhaps, but this juice is surprisingly light on grain flavour and quite unique as a result. It’s also sweet but not to the point of overkill, layering fruit, spice, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, sherry, raisin, and oak without going too big in any one given direction. In case it’s not yet obvious, we definitely recommend this delicious sipper!

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Saintly hard seltzer new years day

Saintly Hard Seltzer New Year’s Day at Riverland

Geena Valos – Native Content Executive

As we all know, New Year’s Eve is mostly a massive anti-climax. So this year, I’m ensuring some fun in the sun by attending SAINTLY Hard Seltzer’s New Year’s Day event. Taking place at Melbourne’s iconic Riverland Bar, we plan on sipping SAINTLY jugs and buckets while boogying the day away to a number of Aussie artists and DJ’s. With several themed spaces including a ‘Blessed Garden’ and ‘Sacred Vaults’, its the perfect place to confess your sins from the night before. Tickets for the New Year’s Day event from 12pm – 5pm can be purchased from Eventbrite for $120. Your ticket includes an all inclusive food and beverage package from 12pm – 4pm. See you on the dancefloor! –AU$120

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