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Mark Zuckerberg catapult

Mark Zuckerberg Building His Own Catapult is 2024’s Biggest ‘Hell Yeah’ Moment

Mark Zuckerberg is ready for war. Over the past year, we’ve watched the nerdy tech billionaire transform into a fierce warrior, beating up opponents in wrestling matches and even building his own military-grade bunker in Hawaii. One thing is for certain: when apocalypse comes, this dude isn’t going to go down without a fight. Furthermore, Zuckerberg has now been spotted with what looks like his bro army, building trebuchets to launch stones – just in case Elon Musk decides to finally attack in 2024.

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In the recent Instagram post (see above), General MZ is captured sporting his iconic military uniform: a t-shirt paired with 3/4 shorts, standing proudly beside his trebuchet as it hurls its stone. This scene, serving as a frightening piece of propaganda, becomes all the more ominous with the warlord’s creation of an original soundtrack— a ‘do-do-do-do’ tune specifically tailored for his Instagram Reels. It’s also worth noting the knee brace, which highlights he’s on the mend from his ACL surgery and should be back training soon.

Mark Zuckerberg is Building a $400 Million Doomsday Compound in Hawaii
Mark Zuckerberg is Building a $400 Million Doomsday Compound in Hawaii | Image: Getty Images/istockphoto

The catapult could make for a great defensive weapon for his latest “bunker” project in Hawaii. As we reported late last year, the Facebook founder coughed up a staggering USD$170 million in purchasing land in Kauai since August 2014. He is now set to allocate an additional USD$100 million for the construction expenses of his survivalist-styled project. Once the expansive “home” spanning 1400 acres is finished, it will comprise at least 30 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms and alarmingly, a substantial underground bunker.

There will be an underground tunnel network that will link the multiple mansions together. This extensive pathway, spanning 5,000 square feet, serves a dual purpose as a passage and a shelter. This tunnel system has various amenities, including a living area, a library, and an escape hatch and comes fortified with soundproof doors, designed to safeguard against potential threats such as bomb attacks. For long-term living, the property is also equipped with its own water and agriculture facilities.

With all the weaponry, fight training and bunker planning, let’s hope our General MZ doesn’t know something we peasants don’t.