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Pornhub Year in Review 2022 Reveals Most Searched For Terms

Pornhub, the largest and most well-known online pornography website, has unsheathed its ninth Year in Review, pumping out an orgy of data that goes wrist-deep into everything we filthy humans searched for in 2022. This year’s review includes the “hottest trends, terms, searches and a recap of everything that happened during the year”, supported by a harem of “colourful infographics” across every extra-curricular sexual activity, from the vanilla to the kinky.

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Pornhub year in review

Image: Pornhub

From the fast-growing “real homemade” porn to the rise of transgender and “pegging” and, of course, the rock-hard allure of “hentai” and “feet”, there’s something for everyone in the wide world of porn. But with so much porn cums a whole lot of data.

To keep things from getting out of hand, we’ll take a peek at what Aussies are searching for in comparison to the US, alongside other notable facts and figures from this year’s Pornhub review. So grab a tissue box, dim the lights and get comfortable because we’re about to see how 2022 impacted the porn we view globally. This is the Pornhub 2022 Year in Review!

Top searches

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Searches That Defined 2022

Much like the Census reveals insights into the inner workings of Australian society every five years, Pornhub’s Year in Review delves deeply into what makes us humans horny. Every year, “Pornhub’s intrepid statisticians” compile data from around the world, from the top searches and pornstars to differences between demographics, devices and technology and even video game searches. Now in its 9th iteration, there are some extra saucy tidbits of data that we’d like to call out, starting with the most searched-for terms in 2022.

1. Reality

It’s no surprise that with the rise of OnlyFans and other independent sites like Fansly, reality porn is the top search of 2022. Although this burgeoning category grew by +169% to become one of the Top 20 categories globally, surprisingly, the Yanks aren’t that excited, with searches dropping ever so slightly by -19%. However, “real amateur homemade” grew by +310% in the United States and +179% worldwide, with the most common homemade search terms being “homemade swingers” and “homemade threesome”.

2. Gender

Despite the ongoing debate about transgender rights, it seems porn watchers worldwide certainly aren’t discriminating, with the transgender category rising by +75% to become the seventh most popular category worldwide and number 1 in Brazil. Though gender searches aren’t only restricted to transgender, as “FTM” (female to male) searches are eight times more popular than “MTF” (male to female).

3. Group Sex

Putting gender aside, “group sex” searches are also growing online, with the threesome category growing by +34% to become the fourth most popular category worldwide. But as per usual, we humans always want more, with Orgy video searches growing by +113% and gangbang by +88%. Overall, the popularity of group sex has increased by +40% since 2021 and +24% since 2018.

4. Outdoors

PornHub attributes the rise of Outdoor porn searches to the years of Covid quarantine, with the category joining the top ten worldwide with a search increase of +121%.

5. Positions

Scissor me timbers! “Lesbian Scissoring” searches grew +151% worldwide, while “amazon” became the most searched-for position in 2022, followed by “69”, “missionary”, “lotus”, “spooning”, “helicopter”, and “cowgirl”.

6. Feet

“Love Her Feet” was the trending search term throughout 2022, making “foot” and “feet” the most popular fetish-related search term in 2022. Despite the parity between men and women in 2021, the “feet” category saw a +38% rise in views over the previous year, with a +145% increase in female popularity and a +10% increase in male popularity.

7. Femdom

Lovers of domination or those on the submissive size moved up three spots this year in Pornhub’s top 20 categories worldwide. “femdom” and “female domination” searches topped the list, growing by +28%, with “pegging” and “strapon” clearly a favourite.

Most searched for terms

Image: Pornhub

Most Searched For Terms of 2022

“Hentai” and “Japanese” porn continue to top searches around the world, followed by perennial favourites like “milf” and “lesbian” porn. However, with the massive increase in “real amateur homemade” porn growing by +177%, who knows how far up the list they’ll be in 2023. The biggest loser this year, search-wise, is “squirt”. Despite rising by +9% in last year’s Most Searched for Terms, it dropped by -6% from position 22 to 25.


Image: Pornhub

Lana Rhoades has been dethroned by Abella Danger, receiving 1.6 billion video views compared to Lana’s 1.4 billion, with Australia’s own Angela White continuing to dominate the list with over 949 million views. Since last year, she’s increased her rankings by three! Natasha Nice also enters the top list, with searches growing by +27% since last year. Remarkably, Johnny Sins has lost his place as the top and only male pornstar amongst the most popular performers, with Jordi El Nino Polla slipping in at no.9 in the rankings.

  1. Abella Danger
  2. Lana Rhoades
  3. Angela White
  4. Eva Elfie
  5. Riley Reid
  6. Emily Willis
  7. Mia Khalifa
  8. Mia Malkova
  9. Jordi El Nino Polla
  10. Violet Meyers
  11. Johnny Sins
  12. Lasirena69
  13. Brandi Love
  14. Lena Paul
  15. Cory Chase
  16. Adriana Chechik
  17. Autumn Falls
  18. Alex Adams
  19. Skylar Vox
  20. Rae Lil Black

Image: Pornhub

Top 20 Countries by Traffic

The United States, followed by the United Kingdom, continues to have the most significant daily traffic on Pornhub. France surprisingly overtook Japan in 2022, while Mexico leapfrogs Italy and Germany beat out Canada. Belgium has returned to the top countries list, while Egypt’s ranking rose by seven spots, ranking among our Top 20 for the first time since 2017.

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. France
  4. Japan
  5. Mexico
  6. Italy
  7. Germany
  8. Canada
  9. Philippines
  10. Brazil
  11. Spain
  12. Poland
  13. Netherlands
  14. Australia
  15. Ukraine

Image: Pornhub

United States Most Searched for Terms of 2022

The US is quite a fascinating country to look at in terms of what they search for on Pornhub. While “lesbian” overtook “hentai” to become the number one search term in the US, racial searches like “ebony”, “latina”, and “asian” continue to dominate the top five. Where things get particularly interesting is the difference in searches from state to state.

According to Pornhub statistics, visitors from Montana preferred “leather” porn, while those from Utah naturally looked up “Mormon”. Texas preferred “panties,” and Nebraskans clearly need to “rub” one out. However, we can’t help but wonder why Alaska is obsessed with “breast expansion” porn.

As for the rest of the world, the Top 20 nations account for 79.3% of Pornhub’s daily traffic, with Australia dropping down (-2%) to 14th, just behind the Netherlands and in front of Ukraine. Regardless, we Aussies are still obsessed with “lesbian” porn, followed closely by “asian” and “hentai” porn, which fell three spots from the top.

“Gangbang” gained a +5 boost, alongside increased search volume for “anal,” “indian,” and “creampie”.

“Outdoor” rose to Australia’s fourth-most popular category, with “threesome” rising to the second-most popular category. Aussies are also more than 103% more likely to consume “asian” porn in comparison to the rest of the world, followed closely by “indian”, “british”, and “fisting”.

But did anyone happen to notice a peculiar double-up amongst Australia’s trending searches? Because “girl with two vaginas” has skyrocketed in popularity by +642%. While the thought of someone with two vaginas may sound like the unseen fictional sister of the triple-breasted lady from the original Total Recall movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, this one is legit. A Gold Coast woman and former escort by the name of Evelyn Miller discovered she had a rare congenital condition, uterus didelphys (two uterus) when she was just 20. After doing the rounds on news media in 2021, it seems many more Australians wanted a more in-depth look at what a “girl with two vaginas” looks like.

The Porn Device of Choice is a Mobile

Unsurprisingly, 97% of all traffic to Pornhub in 2022 came from mobile devices, with smartphones accounting for 84% of that. From 2021 to 2022, the traffic share of tablets decreased by 34%, accounting for just 3% of all visits to Pornhub, while Desktop porn consumption decreased by -6%. As for Android vs iPhone, it’s pretty even. Although traffic has fallen by -5% since last year, 51.5% of users access Pornhub via Android phones, compared to 48.3% via Apple, which has increased by +6.2% since last year. Windows computers continue to dominate Pornhub traffic, holding 64.7% of traffic, compared to 28.4% of Apple users.

The Rise of Porn on Gaming Consoles

Gaming Consoles are also growing in popularity, with nearly 75% of visitors coming from PlayStation, an increase of 20.6% in market share since 2021. However, it’s unclear which console dominates since Pornhub cannot “differentiate between PS4 and PS5 visits.”

Xbox accounts for over 25% of console visitors, which has decreased by 30.6% over the past year. And less than 1% of console traffic comes from older gaming consoles like the PS Vita, WiiU, and 3DS, which continue to decline in popularity.

Another interesting factoid is how long users stay on the platform. Egypt takes the top spot with an average of 11 minutes and 12 seconds, with Mexico at the bottom with 8 minutes and 45 seconds. Whether or not this is an insight into the endurance of certain countries, women view 6 seconds more porn on average than women do. Moreover, the +65 age group watches porn for the longest time, averaging +73 seconds more.

Video games

Image: Pornhub

Pop Culture and Porn

Then there’s the ever-present pop culture effect. Whether through movies, TV or video games, “Pornhub’s top searches are often influenced by pop culture and other worldwide events.” Pornography heavily relies on fantasy. People aren’t just searching for nudity; they’re also curious about the circumstances surrounding each sexual experience. It makes sense that fans want to see their favourite movie characters engaged in sexual situations, which is why adult film genres like porn parodies and cosplay are trending.

While “Harley Quinn” topped the pop culture list, followed by a twofold search increase for “Star Wars”, Marvel and DC characters were also popular on Pornhub with “The Avengers”, “Black Widow”, “Wonder Woman”, and “Guardians of the Galaxy”, alongside “Batman”, “Spider-Man”, and “Deadpool” making the list.

Video game characters were also among the pop culture porn searches, with Fortnite leading the way as the most searched-for game on Pornhub, followed by Overwatch and Genshin Impact, which has jumped six places since last year, beating out Minecraft and Pokemon. As for individual video game characters, check out the infographic above.

World cup

Image: Pornhub

Sport vs Porn: The World Cup Effect

The year also saw the World Cup played in Qatar, which ultimately showed that soccer fans prefer sport over porn. In the match between Belgium and Canada, almost a quarter of Belgians abstained from porn throughout the game, compared to Canada’s -7% drop. Brazil and Serbia were the most comparable teams, at least in terms of the ratio of sports fans to Pornhub fans. The 23rd of November saw a -40% decrease in traffic in both nations while their teams competed.

Australia’s traffic surged by +6% during their play against France. However, Pornhub statisticians hypothesise that since the game started at 6 am, more people were awake during a time of day with typically low traffic, increasing the possibility that they would visit Pornhub.

It’s also interesting to note that traffic in the US was practically unchanged (-0.2%) during their match against the UK, where traffic fell by -13%. However, statisticians blame the “Black Friday Effect” because more people may have been buying online at that time. I mean, who doesn’t reward themselves with a quick one after shopping online?

The Verdict

As we said last year, when it comes to watching porn, there’s no hard and fast rule for getting it right. Nothing in life is a sure thing, however, if you look at the data from Pornhub’s 2022 Year in Review, you’re statistically more likely to hit with hentai than anything else. No matter what you search for, your preferences or dislikes, Pornhub has a plethora of options to help you rub one out.


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