The Sweet Smell of Success – Mercedes Benz Men’s Fragrance

Not content simply making some of the world’s finest cars, Mercedes-Benz dips its toes in the cologne market on occasion because why the hell not. The luxury brand recently unveiled their newest fragrance: Mercedes-Benz Man. No, this is not an attempt to take that “new car smell” and put it in a bottle. If anything it’s their way of personifying high-powered masculine style by way of a unique, bold scent.

mercedes benz mens fragrance different

Concocted by renowned perfumer Olivier Cresp, Mercedes-Benz Man aims to leave an impression. In order to make its aromatic mark the cologne incorporates opening notes of wood and moss followed by a deep, earthy heart of geranium and cedar that gives way to a subtle, crisp finish of fruit and ambrette seeds. The cologne was designed for the kind of man who might be seen behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz, meaning it’s brimming with charm, authority and success.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Mercedes product if it didn’t feature the trademark “star” insignia that instantly comes to mind when you think of the brand. The bottle features the star emanating before a sphere of blue glass and surrounded by polished black matte casing. Mercedes-Benz Man will be available starting August. Grab a bottle to see what success smells like. Hey, you gotta start somewhere.

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