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Cobblers Nude Beach

6 Best Nude Beaches in Sydney

If you find yourself Googling “nude beach Sydney”, wanting to go au naturel, yes we mean going starkers, this guide is for you. Yes, we have done the hard work (careful there) and provided our faithful readers with a list of the 6 Best Nude Beaches in Sydney. It is difficult to describe the feeling of going for a dip in the ocean sans clothing, there is something primal and almost ancestral about it, and all this writer can say is don’t knock it till you try it.

Best Sydney Nude Beaches

Our list has some of the best and most secluded nude beaches Sydney has to offer. You can legally drop your dacks and get some much-needed Vitamin D to areas that are often out of the public eye. No use in faking it, just go in the rude. However, make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen, sunburned areola’s is not pleasant…apparently.

Cobblers Nude Beach
Cobblers Nude Beach | Image: Mark Francisco

1. Cobblers Nude Beach

A short distance north from Middle Head, just east of Royal HMS Penguin, Royal Australian Navy base, near Mosman is Cobblers Nude Beach. It is a tranquil and quaint beach nestled in the middle of busy Sydney. You are greeted with a picturesque view of the harbour and apparently some spectacular snorkelling. Bear in mind, however, while the beach is a designated nude-bathing area, clothing is required in the surrounding bushland and grassy areas.

Address: Middle Harbour, NSW, Australia

Lady Jane Nudist Beach
Lady Jane Nudist Beach | Image: National Parks NSW/John Yurasek

2. Lady Jane Nudist Beach

Also known as Lady Bay Beach just South of the harbour, between South Head and Camp Cove, this tiny beach packs an almighty punch with spectacular views. A catalyst when it comes to nude beaches in Sydney, it was unofficially one for the first nude beaches in Australia.  Lady Jane Beach was officially designated a nudist beach in 1976 by none other than former New South Wales Premier Neville Wren. Known as a bit of boy’s club, this beach is, of course, accommodating to all walks of life, with it being featured on many gay interest sites, and gay travel guides to Sydney. A place of acceptance for everyone. Lady Jane is your classic Sydney nude beach.

Address: Watsons Bay, Sydney, NSW

Little Congwong Nudist Beach
Little Congwong Nudist Beach | Image: Catch Up with a Mate/Kate Boyle

3. Little Congwong Nudist Beach

Little Congwong Beach, as its name suggests, is the smaller brother of Congwong Beach. You’ll find this infamous Sydney nude beach firstly by driving to the end of Anzac Parade, La Perouse. It is located just across from the birthplace of Australia, on the north side of Botany Bay. It is a more secluded beach with access being limited to a short walk past its big brother, Congwong Beach. Let it be known that this particular beach is not a designated official nude beach, but if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, and let’s be honest the fact you’re dropping-trou means you are, this is a gorgeous place to do so. Jean-François de Galaup La Pérouse – the French navigator in which the peninsula is named after – would have it no other way.

Address: 1532R Anzac Parade, La Perouse NSW 2036
Phone: +61 1300 072 757

Obelisk Nude Beach
Obelisk Nude Beach | Image: Ernest McGray, Jr.

4. Obelisk Nude Beach

If you’re looking for a smaller more private nudist beach in Sydney, than say Cobblers, look no further than Obelisk. A short distance away, on the southern side of the Middle Head peninsula, it offers a beautiful panoramic view of Watsons Bay. This private beach is sure to not disappoint. This officially designated Nude beach in Sydney does require a bit of a walk from the carpark, along a notorious set of steps, but by all means, it is worth it when you first gaze upon this thin strip of sand and calming waters.

Address: Mosman, New South Wales, Australia

Werrong Nude Beach
Werrong Nude Beach | Image: Oliver Revis

5. Werrong Nude Beach

This Sydney nude beach (or Wollongong nude Beach) is a place for true naturists who don’t mind going for a bit of a drive and trek to enjoy the splendours of the sun and sand. About 1 hour south of Sydney, located at the southern end of the Royal National Park, near Otford, NSW in Wollongong council. Once you have completed the 2km trek to the beach, along which you will be spoiled with some exceptional scenery, you will arrive at a lovely and secluded spot. Swimming is not recommended due to the dangerous surf, giving you even more reason to soak up the sun on the beach.

Address: Royal National Park NSW 2233, Australia

Birdie Nudist Beach
Birdie Nudist Beach | Image: WildWalks

6. Birdie Nudist Beach

Ok, another entrant on the list that technically is not a nude beach in Sydney, so call us a bit cheeky, but we decided to include this spot on our list. This Central Coast nude beach is the perfect place to throw away your garments and feel the warming gentle breeze of the seaside. located between Wybung Head and the Budgewoi Peninsula, if revellers are going for a nice weekend trip to the area, be sure to stop by, throw down a towel and your gauntlets and give a simple salute to nature. A grand nude beach Australia should be proud of.

Address: Wybung NSW 2259, Australia
Phone: +61 2 4972 9000
Hours: 6am-6pm

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General FAQ

Where are the best nude beaches in Sydney?

Some of the best nude beaches in or around Sydney are Lady Jane, Cobblers, Little Congwong, Obelisk, and Werrong.

Which Sydney nude beach has the best views?

Presuming you mean landscapes and not naked people, you can find some of the best views at Obelisk, Cobblers, and Lady Jane.

What's the best nude beach in Sydney for sunbathing?

Located in Royal National Park, Werrong Nude Beach isn't recommended for swimming, but it's one of the best places in or around Sydney for sunbathing.