Never Need a Tape Measure Again, with the Rollbe Rolling Ruler

It’d be useful to have a measuring tape on hand at all times, especially in specific situations or with certain jobs, but it’s not always practical. Not only are measuring tapes bulky and a hassle to carry, there are things that measuring tapes can’t accurately measure because of how they are constructed. Which is why the Rollbe is such an incredible, simple device that can solve all of the things that measuring tapes cannot.

rollbe ruler measure

Little more than a metal wheel with inch and centimeter marks that spins on an axis with a small handle, the Rollbe allows you to have a device that can measure anything—be it flat, round or riddled with corners—almost exactly. It works by starting at a mark placed on the Rollbe’s round metal wheel and rolling the wheel until you are done measuring. That’s it. You simply roll slowly and keep track of how many times the metal wheel spins around and use simple arithmetic. For corners, there will be a mark on each Rollbe that determines the radius of the metal wheel and will denote a measurement amount to add to the final measured distance, per corner. Best of all, the Rollbe is light enough to attach to a keychain so it will always be with you and easily accessible.

rollbe super compact measuring tool

Never make inaccurate measurements again! The Rollbe is currently a kickstarter project but after shattering it’s goal of just over $6,000 by more than $80,000, it seems clear this device will be spread widely on the market soon.

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actual size of ruler

ruler math tools with key

rollbe product review

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