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Koala furbaby

Koala Just Restocked Their Very Limited Furbaby Pet Bed

You love your pet—that’s not in question. When the time is right, having a furry friend to cuddle up with is one of the great joys in your life. But as much as you love your four-legged friend, you also love getting a good night’s sleep. That’s why you invested in a quality mattress, like a boxed mattress from Koala. But your pet is no fool either, and that mattress is just as comfortable to them as it is to you. So, each night you find yourself having to share space with them until finally, you find yourself kicked out of that comfortable sleeping space.

Koala Furbaby Pet Bed Release Information

Date: February 28th, 2022
Time: 10am
Price: $250 AUD

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Image: Koala

According to a study conducted by Koala, 77 per cent of Australians who share a bed with their pet alter their sleep positions to not disturb that pet—that means there’s a lot of people who aren’t getting the sleep they need. The choice is simple, either you get rid of your pet—which isn’t really an option—or you come up with different sleeping arrangements. Well, just like Koala has you covered in the mattress department, they’ve also got a plan for your companion. The limited-edition Koala Furbaby is the company’s first-ever pet bed in a box, and it’s so comfortable you might consider stealing it from them.

I never used to let Kenny sleep in the bed with me, but as he’s gotten older, I’ve gotten softer, and my sleep has definitely suffered,” Koala customer, Jennifer Philipova said. “We’ve tried so many other dog beds, but he’s developed an affection for my Koala mattress (talk about spoilt, much!). So I usually switch to the sofa at some point during the night.”

The Koala Furbaby is the ideal size for you to be able to move it around the house to find the exact location where your pet will be most comfortable sleeping. The mattress measures 89cm by 66cm and it features a bolster on all sides, which acts as a pillow for your pet’s head. The bed is made from twin-layer foam, so it offers pressure relief, breathability, and airflow. It also comes with a removable cover that can be wiped clean or thrown in with the laundry. Koala also offers their 120-night trial to make sure that your pet likes it before you commit to buying it. The Furbaby is priced at $250 AUD.

If you’re ready to get back to sleeping well and to have your pet sleep in comfort at the same time, then the Koala Furbaby is what you need. But if you can’t bear the idea of kicking your furry companion out of your bed, as Koala notes, you may want to consider upgrading to a bigger mattress. Fortunately, Koala offers three new mattresses in five different sizes.

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