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New koala mattress

Koala Mattress Review: Australia’s Favourite Tested

Australia’s most loved mattress in a box dropped three new models back in 2021, but how does my mattress stand up after 2 years of use? I got my hands on a mattress during the lockdown, however, I’m happy to say that I’ve kept my Koala mattress to this day, sleeping on it every night for more than 600 nights of comfortable sleep. In fact, it’s the mattress I still recommend to this day.

Originally the brainchild of two mates from Byron Bay, the Koala range first hit Australian bedrooms back in 2015. And in this review I’ll be looking back at the last 2 years I’ve spent with the mattress, highlighting all the processes from start to finish, finishing with my long-term thoughts about the mattress and highlighting why it changed the mattress game in Australia forever.

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Koala Mattress at a Glance

For my tests, I chose the middle-of-the-range ‘Calm As’ Koala mattress because it’s likely to be the most popular amongst consumers and is priced from $1,699 AUD.

In terms of comfort, the ‘Calm As’ Koala mattress has been a joy to sleep on. All the features described on the tin indicate this is a seriously comfortable sleeping experience, but I can back that up after 600 nights of sleep. You really feel all 3 zone supports individually, and with StayPut edge support you’re never worried about falling off the edge like some cheaper foam options on the market.

There are plenty of misconceptions that a foam mattress has no ‘spring’ and feels lifeless, but this simply doesn’t apply to the Koala mattress I tested. The multi-layered zoning and zero disturbance technology (the old red wine glass trick) remain comfortable to this today.

When setting up the Koala mattress you have a choice of firmness settings by simply flipping the foam. I chose the firm side – mimicking my previous mattress in firmness – and had absolutely no issues sleeping. Even taking into account some of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world that I’ve had the chance to sleep in over the years, this remains one of the comfiest. Combine your mattress with the new Koala Sheet Set and it’s truly a magical hotel-like experience every night. Alternatively, check out the best linen brands in Australia to get your linen fix.

After nearly 2 years of use, the mattress is still just as comfortable as when I first received it to test for this review. As far as mattress reviews go, you either have a good night’s sleep or you don’t, but time can degrade cheaper foam mattresses and this simply isn’t the case with the Koala. It’s hard to point the finger at anything in particular when it comes to the mattress, and I’ve never had a poor night’s sleep on it. From summer to winter it has no trouble in any season, hot or cold. Full marks Koala.

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Koala Calm As Mattress as tested | Image: Koala

How Much Does the Koala Mattress Cost?

I tested the Koala ‘Calm As’ mattress for my review, it’s the middle-of-the-range option that’s priced from $999 AUD. Compared to the cheaper ‘Koala Mattress’ (priced at $749 AUD), it has an extra Kloudcell Foam layer on top compared to the cheaper.

The Koala Mattress

  • Single – $749 AUD
  • King Single – $899 AUD
  • Double – $1,000 AUD
  • Queen – $1,050 AUD
  • King – $1,299 AUD

Koala ‘Calm As’ Mattress

  • Single – $999 AUD
  • King Single – $1,199 AUD
  • Double – $1,499 AUD
  • Queen – $1,699 AUD
  • King – $1,999 AUD

Koala ‘Soul Mate’ Mattress

  • Double – $2,490 AUD
  • Queen – $2,890 AUD
  • King – $2,990 AUD

Now, let’s check out the rest of the review.

How is the Koala Mattress Packaged?

The whole benefit behind the mattress-in-a-box solution is the seamless purchase and delivery process. Gone are the days of rocking up to your local mattress store and being treated to a sales assistant who tries to convince you that the $8000 mattress is exactly what need. Koala has made the process easier, simpler, and quicker with an easy-to-use buying and delivery process.

Upon delivery, I was greeted with two boxes. One includes the main mattress base layer and the other houses the ‘comfort’ layers including the flippable top. The boxes are BIG so be prepared to find some space to house them while you remove your old mattress. Koala has teamed up with Soft Landing in Melbourne and Sydney (selected areas) to remove your old mattress for a reasonable fee (no longer free).

Is the Koala Mattress Easy to Setup?

The video above will demonstrate the setup process in general, but I’ve provided a few key tips for those who are looking to make the most out of their new bed.

Once your old mattress is out of the way, I recommend clearing a space and laying out the foam mattress. If your bed base is flat, that would work perfectly, otherwise, you’ll have to use a separate room and then transfer the bed back onto the bed base after a few hours. It’s worth noting that if you’re the owner of an IKEA bed base (we own the MALM) the Calm As will be a tight squeeze but it just fits. Alternatively, Koala offers bed bases in their catalogue.

Zipping the mattress together is easy as it gets. Unlike some foam mattresses, you can sleep on the Koala bed straight away, but it won’t reach its comfiest until around 48 hours after release from the plastic, so plan ahead. I let mine rest overnight and slept on it the next day. The only decision you have to make is how firm you want your top layer to be, I chose firm to match my previous bed.

Koala mattress construction
Inside the Koala Mattress | Image: Koala

Is the Koala Mattress Comfortable?

You read a lot about all the features mattresses have, but in reality, you’re always sceptical if it’s nothing more than marketing jargon. In my personal testing of the new Koala Mattress, I can assure you that every single feature outlined below has a real-world effect on your sleep. You might ask yourself, how complicated can a foam mattress be? As it turns out, very complicated (and comfortable).

Features of the Koala ‘Calm As’ Mattress include the following;

  • 7cm Flippable Kloudcell Comfort With COOLMAX Technology
  • 1cm quilted plush cover
  • 3 Zone Support
  • Multi-Layered Zoning
  • StayPut Edge Support
  • Zero disturbance technology
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Anti-Slip Bottom
  • Anti-Bacterial Treatment

So how does all this technology translate to real-world comfort? Well, the secret to staying asleep for longer is staying cool. It turns out it’s not all about cushion and support, and in my testing, I have to say their new COOLMAX technology works wonders. I’ve never had better sleep, and I’ve never stayed cooler thanks to the speciality fibres and permanent moisture-wicking technology. Unlike wearing a scratchy set of athleisure with “moisture wicking” tech, you can’t even tell it’s working until you wake up 10 hours later feeling comfy and sweat-free. No more restless sleep.

Next on my list of favourite features is the support. Multi-layered Zoning is the feature that immediately removes the foam mattress sceptics from the conversation, it’s not just a ‘piece of foam’ it’s clear from the moment you lay down that you’re going to be supported from all angles no matter how you sleep. With three high-density targeted support zones to disperse your weight and provide extra support for your lower back, you can really feel the technology working.

Koala mattress layers
The top layer of the Koala Mattress | Image: Koala

I’m a face-down sleeper (with the odd leg kick-out maneuver) so support is not super necessary. Back sleepers and restless sleepers will be able to appreciate the extra support and secureness, and they’ll love the addition of StayPut Edge Support that’s very noticeable (zero roll-overs). You’ll avoid those leg kicks in the middle of the night from your partner who’ll fully appreciate the zero-disturbance technology (wine glass trick) just ask us me how I know. Deciding on what side of the Kloudcell flippable layer you rest on is the only point of contention!

It’s also worth mentioning that the new Koala mattresses are the first fully certified GECA mattresses in Australia. That means you’re supporting environmentally preferable production and consumption. How often do you see mattresses sitting on the side of the road destined for a landfill? Too often is the answer. But with the help of Soft Landings and Koala, that disappointing image might disappear sooner rather than later.

New koala mattress feature
Priced from $980 AUD, the Koala mattress range is reasonably priced. | Image: Koala

Man of Many’s Verdict on the Koala Mattress

I tried very hard to find something I didn’t like about the new Koala Mattress range, but it’s very hard to critique a lineup with so much research and development involved. Ultimately, you just want to have a good night’s sleep, and after using the mattress for the last two years, it’s hard to complain about a mattress that works flawlessly.

Factor in a 120-night free trial, a 10-year warranty, mattress removal, and free shipping and it’s a wise investment.

While my initial plans for the mattress were to review it and move it into a guest house, I opted to replace my existing mattress (that cost nearly three times the price) with the new ‘Calm As’ Koala mattress. If you’re sitting on the fence when it comes to a mattress-in-a-box solution, sometimes the big name really has the technology and R&D to it up, the new K0ala range is a no-brainer in my opinion.

Koala Mattresses FAQ

Does Koala remove old mattresses?

Yes, Koala has teamed up with Soft Landings to remove old mattresses in select locations across Sydney and Melbourne.

Does a Koala mattress fit an IKEA bed frame?

IKEA bed frames are a little smaller than standard, although, in our testing on the IKEA MALM bed frame we had no issues with the Calm As mattress. You can squeeze the mattress onto a bed frame up to 3cm smaller than the mattress.

How long does a Koala mattress take to arrive?

Koala offers a free 4 hour delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Everywhere else, delivery is still fast and free. Don't forget to think about your old mattress, recycle responsibly!

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