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Koala’s Cushy Sofa Bed is the Ultimate Netflix and Chill

Aussie fan favourite Koala is back to doing what it does best, making your life a whole lot comfier and a little more stylish in the process. They’ve taken everything they’ve learned from designing the comfiest mattress-in-a-box in the country and created a stylish ‘cushy sofa bed‘ that’s super comfy and perfect for your Friday night Netflix and Chill winddown.

Koala Cushy Sofa Bed Details

RRP Single: $1,050
Dimensions (cm): W 115.5cm x D 103m)
RRP Double: $1,450
Dimensions (cm): W 161.5 x D 103cm)
RRP Queen: $1,600
Dimensions (cm: W 103cm x D 176.5cm)
RRP Footrest: $400
Dimensions (cm): W 103cm x D 60cm)

Koala cushy sofa bed 2

Image: Koala

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that most sofa beds on the market offer great comfort, but what most lack is a well-designed sleeping surface. They can be clunky and uncomfortable, and even worse, they’re a hassle to set up. When your head finally does hit the pillow, you have nothing short of a shocking sleep and an even worse cuddle!

Koala has solved this problem with the Cushy thanks to a quilted sleep layer that’ll stop you from hitting those dreaded lumps and bumps in the middle of the night. So why compromise between a good sofa or a good pull-out bed when you can have both? It’s a no brainer.

Koala cushy sofa bed 3

Image: Koala

No one likes a big song and dance after a long week, so Koala has made the process of getting from sitting to chilling out and sleeping as easy as possible. The Cushy Sofa Bed goes from sitting to snuggle in seconds with zero noisy metal joints and fold-out bits or as they say ‘you get all of the sleep and none of the squeak’.

Add the extra layer of comfort foam side support and fabric that is soft to the touch, and the Cushy Sofa Bed ticks all boxes. It’s a slick unit with a clever design that offers maximal comfort with little fuss. We can’t think of a better way to upgrade your Friday Netflix and Chill than this!

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