Norlan Whisky Glass

Science is confusing and hard to enjoy. Whiskey, on the other hand, is not. It’s quite easy to enjoy (in moderation). The team at Norlan wants to combine science and enjoyment of whiskey in their new glass, and they seem to have done a great job.

The glass has been developed through the process of combining fluid dynamics modeling and bio-mimicry, which is definitely some science thing that is just as confusing as it sounds. The result is a whiskey glass that is aesthetically pleasing, attractive to look at, comfortable to hold and also should aerate and deliver scents better than a standard glass. The glass is currently on Kickstarter where there is a lot of good information about their process, the science and the product.

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norlan whisky glass empty

norlan whisky glass mood

norlan whisky glass front empty

norlan whisky glass above filled

norlan whisky glass above empty