Is the Chanel Skateboard Your Next Daily Commuter?

At $7,700, the Chanel Skateboard may not be the best board to use when riding a rail or doing just about any other trick. In fact, the board may best be used as a display piece rather than a board you actually ride. The board is made of black lacquered wood with a body that is both wider and slightly shorter than your average board. The top is covered in grip tape and has Chanel’s double C logo in the middle. Underneath, the bottom is covered in Chanel’s famous diamond-quilted pattern with the interlocking Cs logo, which is applied as a print that still lets the wood grain show through. The board is finished with black trucks and white wheels.

logo Chanel Skateboard

Chanel has departed from the world of fashion before to create other accessory items—in fact, the skateboard is accompanied in the brand’s Spring/Summer 2019 catalog by a silver surfboard made of aluminum, glass, and polyurethane (available for $8,900). The boards join the likes of branded ice skates, motorcycle helmets, and feathers. This foray into branded accessories was started by Karl Lagerfield. Even with the passing of Lagerfield, it looks like Chanel will continue lending out its brand for more items.

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