Kuickwheel Serpent Series Delivers Smallest and Coolest Electric Skateboards to Date

As our favourite modes of urban transport continue to get 21st century upgrades, Kuickwheel is doing its part to ensure skateboards don’t get left behind. The tech savvy brand recently introduced the Serpent Series E-Skateboards on Kickstarter, and quickly rolled past their funding goal. Consisting of two models–the Serpent-C and Serpent-W–Kuickwheel’s new series promises the smallest and coolest electronic skateboards to date, respectively. And while some competitors might take issue with the Serpent-W’s claim to “coolest”, there’s certainly no debating that the Serpent-C is indeed the smallest e-skateboard that money can buy.

kuickwheel electric skateboards in the hand

Measuring in at 18 inches long and weighing just under 7 pounds, the Serpent-C answers the call for transportation that’s as easy to carry as it is to ride. It can reach speeds of up to 11 mph and crank 6.2 miles of distance out of a 300w in-wheel motor. For those seeking a little more room, heft and power, the Serpent-W is, by contrast, 40-inches long and able to reach speeds of 25 mph. It can run for 9.32 miles at a time by way of a rear-mounted dual drive brushless motor with peak power of 1800w.

kuickwheel electric skateboards lighting

Both boards offer 91A PU wheels, eco and sport modes, and an adjoining force-sensitive remote control. The Serpent-C pairs Canadian Maple Wood on the deck with carbon steel bearings, while the Serpent-W goes with steadfast aluminium alloy for the deck and extremely quiet bearings. Both boards tout waterproof ratings of IP54. Choose between “coolest” and “smallest”. Or get one of each just be on the safe side.

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