Snowfeet Mini Skis Combine Winter Sports

The Snowfeet Mini Skis answers the question of what would happen if skating and skiing had a baby. The rumor behind the idea was that a skier had gone to the slopes, but had forgotten his skis. So he did the only thing that made any sense—he tried to ski down the hill in his slippers. What he discovered was that it worked well, and was extremely fun.

snowfeet mini skis plastic soles

The mini skis are one-size-fits-all, but they are recommended for sizes US 7–12. Basically, they’re hard, plastic soles that slip on over your winter boots. Lock them down, and you’re off. The sport mimics both skiing and skating. Skiing in that you can slide down the mountain on them; skating in that on areas where there isn’t enough slope to maintain speed, you can use the skating motion to keep moving.

snowfeet mini skis strap

The information does warn that it is harder to stop and turn on the mini skis, so you won’t be taking any Super Gs on them. But, because they are so small, you can gain access to areas denied to skis and snowboards. You can also more easily hike to the top of a summit without the burden of a pair of skis strapped to your back. Once you’re at the top, just pull out the mini skis and off you go. The mini skis also have the benefit of a low entry point. The initial investment is a fraction of what a new pair of skis can cost.

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snowfeet mini skis black

snowfeet mini skis winter boots

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